Design Changes to Game Tiles (Limited Rollout)

Hey Developers,

You may have recently noticed small changes we have made to the website and mobile app. We removed most of the drop shadows and added an intermediary background color change to avatar profiles. As a company we have been quietly working to reimagine what Roblox could look like next quarter, next year, in 5 years, and so on.

From this work we have put together a plan to make incremental and small steps towards that long-term vision. The changes to the game tiles are another one of those steps.

Some of you may have noticed that we recently rolled out a change to the design of the game tile across all platforms. This change provides more room for your title, as well as providing clear and concise information to your players. There is currently a limited rollout A/B test running to ensure we are not negatively impacting the CTR on your games.

What these changes boil down to are the fundamental truths of our design philosophy. We believe in distilling elements down to their simplest form and making the most important pieces matter. I won’t give away too much to keep you on your toes, but stay tuned as more changes are on the way.


Q: I noticed you are rounding up the number now, am I still going to be able to view accurate play counts for my game?
A: This is still viewable in Dev Stats and you are still able to see the total concurrent count on the Game Details page.

Q: Where did the creator name go?
A: The creator name has officially been removed from the hover state on the game tiles. We did this to make it easier for players to find the best games we have to offer by refocusing on what is most important to them. Your group and username will always be viewable on the Game Details page.

Q: I don’t see this change! When will this be rolled out to 100% of users?
A: Assuming everything goes well with this test, we should be at 100% by the end of this month (September).

Huge thanks to the design team and engineers that made this happen! Let us know what you think below!


Congrats! I really love this change, makes the games page look a lot more clean and professional. Can’t wait to see this in-action by the end of the month. Great job team :+1:!


Good change so far! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


I look at current player count a lot more than I look at game rating. I feel like the player count and rating should be swapped, so that player count is leftmost.


Is this for an upcoming dark theme? :wink:

Great update! :slight_smile:

EDIT : Posted feedback.


Just a couple things I’ve noticed.

  1. If the thumbs down percentage is more than the thumbs up, I think the thumbs down arrow should be shown instead of the thumbs up. Even though it shows the stat, it can be a little misleading, although I don’t know if this will make it more insulting to developers.

  2. Sidetracking a bit, but still relating to games, will we ever get the possibility of adding group game visits to your profile? It’s been long overdue and now that game site features are being worked on like this, I feel like now would be a great time.


looks great! It looks like it will contribute greatly to players!

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I’m interested to know who currently has this feature enabled, I am part of the beta for Roblox and do not see the changes, is this an internal test?

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I disagree, player count can come and go quickly, ratings (for the players that care), would be a better judge for the long term likability of the game, therefore should remain first.

  1. I don’t think this is a good idea, it’s always better to highlight the positives with your games rather than the negatives, even if you have more dislikes than likes, I don’t think it is necessary or wanted for the dislikes to be shown over the likes.

  2. This poses some issues including ownership switching, the developers involved in making a game and other minor details that could cause abuse and exploitation. I think the ability to view the total game visits for groups on the group page would be great but not on the owner’s profile.


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Personally not a fan of the thumbs up / down just being shown as a percent. Makes it significantly less obvious how good the ratings imo, but actually showing the full names of games on the front page is definitely a welcome improvement.


Unlike a lot of recent UI changes this actually looks fairly clean. Full game names is something the site has been lacking for a long time (at least in terms of how crisp it is as a whole). If this actually is something in testing - then I have nothing but high hopes for the final product.


I liked visually seeing the like/dislike bar without seeing the actual numbers until hovered over for the current UI. Just not a big fan of the % part. At least it’s not cluttered and is somewhat consistent


If I can find a way to make something appear green or red corresponding to that percentage with CSS, then I’m happy. I like to be able to see rating visually without needing to squint at a number.
Looks beautiful.


The clean minimalism is a step forward, but I also agree that the rating display has been downgraded, at least a little color would make it stand out again. I’d also prefer a 5-star rating display but I’m not sure if that would fit in such a compact space.


I think if this had a color coded system for the percentage number, it would be significantly better than the bar


Hmmm. Really wish we had a red/green going on for ratings. Also are poorly rated games still going to show a thumbs up? Feels wrong to say “:+1: 20%” when it’s a bad thing.

I’m also going to sound biased (I think I’d feel the same without Jailbreak) but I wish the players online were more prominent. Roblox is always about what everybody else is playing and blurring that among the other games in this redesign doesn’t feel right. Makes the page very grey scaled too.

Love the full titles.

I also had to double check if the tiles themselves changed. Something felt really off here and sure enough they have square corners now where they used to be ever so slightly rounded. I feel like the rounded corners, as small as they were, helped place the tiles onto the page and now in the redesign it’s just a web page designed with basic boxes. It’s almost kind of boring but I hate to use the word because I know work went into this.


As someone who is generally against Roblox’s choices on site redesign (even if they are technically good ones), I had no problem with this one to begin with. I thought it looked good, though having the non rounded corners pointed out as well as quite a few of the things @asimo3089 said, I think this change could definitely use more.

However with much of the site receiving small redesigns recently, I think this is all part of bigger changes (dark theme), and I won’t feel too strongly about any opinions until the final result is out.


Has this change impacted the most popular games in any way? I noticed some switches in the usual spots

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I actually like it better except that the game frames are lacking rounded corners… Looks weird without them.