Desktop Push Notifications not working in Microsoft Edge

Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing this issue when I try to turn on desktop push notifications, it does not work. I have allowed notifications but the switch won’t turn on!

Notifications are allowed.

I have highlighted the switch if you do not know what i’m talking about. The switch just does not want to turn on and I’d really appreciate if I got Desktop notifications! Any help please? Thanks!

Browser: Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.49

(And many thanks to @MisterGreenTurtle for filing this issue! Meanwhile they try to fix it, feel free to come up with any suggestions.)


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Just letting you know you’re not the only one with this issue, I’m also experiencing the desktop notifications switch not switching on. In addition to the “Can we send you desktop notifications” banner constantly showing up and not going away.


Yes! It’s really annoying. I keep pressing “Accept” everytime but of course it’s not going to work. I hope they fix it ASAP. It’s been 2 months already.

I presume it only works on Chrome for some random reason…

I actually figured out the exact cause of the issue here:

and for a more technical explanation:

It’s clear that Roblox doesn’t care about this issue and it won’t be fixed until push notifications break entirely (which they will.)


Then what’s the point of them saying they are taking a look into it? It’s seriously annoying me. It would be better if at least a pop-up didn’t come out.

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They probably just don’t think many people would use push notifications, so it’s not a high priority for them. They made the notifications in 2014-2015 as soon as Google released a chrome-only API for it and Roblox decided to use this experimental browser technology in production.

It’s the very definition of technical debt. They’d have to rewrite pretty much the whole system.


True. I’ve heard that the website uses some REALLY OLD code. I’d still wish to find a way to remove the pop-up…

i apologize for bumping this 4-5 month old topic, but i have this issue currently. i can’t be able to turn the setting on even when i already enabled the site notifications on edge


Same :frowning:
Th3s is bery anoyying,Hop3 they fix th3s sooon

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Okay,I found out the solution.
Go to Library and the “may we enable notification on this computer” will
become orange.Also it have X symbol in it.

press the x,it work for me.

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are you sure? i tried to go to library and clicked X on the “Can we send you notifications on this computer?” banner, and it didn’t work


Are you sure?
I tried teh same method on my other alt in teh same browser.

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did it work as expected?

also yes, i am sure, because when i randomly got the “Can we send you notifications on this computer?” banner (finally), i read your post and did what you said, and nothing happened


It is.

Hmmm…maybe that work for few person.
I’m not glad that I can’t help you :frowning:

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Going to bump this game. Issue is still present, how has this not been found yet?

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It’s probably cuz ROBLOX does not care about this situation lol

Im also having issues using edge,
The chromium version of edge on windows 11 is impossible to open studio from, I have to use chrome or firefox to open places. Edge seems to have alot of issues with roblox.