Destroying part on server not replicating

Recently (most likely after of the 358 release) destroying a part on the server doesn’t always replicate to the client. This seems to happen if the part has its Parent property set to a locally created object on the client.

Expected behavior would be for the part to always be destroyed, regardless of where it’s parented on the client.

I’ve been able to consistently reproduce this with: DestroyDesyncRepro.rbxl (13.5 KB).

Two parts are created on the server. Once replicated to the client, one part has it’s parent set to a locally created folder. A few seconds later both parts are destroyed on the server, but only one part is removed on the client (see output below).



Yep, confirming this. Change in last update that breaks replication when object is reparented locally (in FE-true context). This likely should be marked [ROBLOXCRITICAL]. Will be making a post with what I’ve got.


Behaviour I’m seeing is likely caused by some changes in replication code for all instances. I sure hope somebody SFFlagged this.


Thank you for the report, we will be disabling the change that causes this shortly.


The feature has been disabled. The feature is sticky per user connection, so users will continue to be affected by this until they teleport or disconnect + rejoin.


I’ve noticed this issue occurring most of time if you parent a part to a locally created object at around the same time the object gets destroyed on the server.

GIF of the issue (the right part is getting parented to a locally created object around the same time its getting destroyed on the server):

To reproduce this in Coeptus’ place file, you have to change the wait()s circled in red in the PartParenter LocalScript and PartCreator Script to the same number:

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