Detach Freecam permissions from Edit permissions

Currently the only way to use freecam in a game (Shift+P) is to have develop access.

(Example of freecam)

Freecam is also the best tool to use when recording trailers, social media content, etc. This means that if you hire someone to make a trailer for your game, you need to give them Edit access - or implement a custom freecam.

This also means that anyone doing content for social media (tweets, tiktok, instagram, etc) cannot use freecam without also having edit access.

From a security perspective this is not ideal, since when it comes to place Edit access you want the fewest amount of people to be able to modify/clone the game. It would be great if there was a permission that allowed users to use freecam within a place.

EDIT: Please don’t DM me telling me you can do this with a script or provide me with one. I know this - the point is it’s an annoying process every developer goes through. We have 4+ games, so having to edit every game just to pay someone to make a trailer is not ideal.


The fact that Roblox silently drops a freecam module in without any developer input is a bit questionable but whatever, it’s Roblox being Roblox.

From what I know the current insert logic is that at least one of these conditions get met

  • in the Freecam group
  • roblox moderator
  • the CanEdit WebAPI returns true

I’m pretty sure it’d easy to add a second HTTP call to check freecam permissions on the game

It’d also be nice to disable the script outright (except for moderation use) so that we can mount our own Freecam implementation, or just not have one, instead.


I didn’t even know there was other conditions :open_mouth:

The “Freecam group” is likely because Roblox needed the ability to record in games as well, and ran into the same issues as developer studios