Detailed Dislike Analytics/Feedback

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to receive feedback from disgruntled players. With the removal of comments and the instability and inconvenience of private messages, a player who leaves a dislike will have to go out of their way to provide feedback. And most of them don’t.

I released a game this week, and first impressions were great. Almost no dislikes. However, early this morning, my ratings went from 80% to 50% and I have no idea why. All of my improvements to the game today been nothing but guesswork as I’m trying to figure out what prompted such a drastic change. (I eventually realized that people were having trouble figuring out how to start the game.)

I believe that a solution to this communication issue is to require that the player must leave feedback in order to dislike a game, or at least be enthusiastically prompted to. Additionally, it would be nice to have a setting in Developer Stats to switch between All User statistics and Disliking User statistics. Discerning what age/visit length group is disliking can help tell you what’s wrong with your game.

If this update was added, it would be so much easier and simpler to be notified of bugs and issues with your game, and improve the overall user experience.


I feel like some kind of reason pop-up box once you dislike could be good too, but it would depend how it works - for a game that gets thousands of dislikes then it’d be a lot of things to read. But, I support this, Seeing which audience doesn’t like your game could be very useful.


Forced feedback for downvotes was discussed in this thread – it wouldn’t really be a good idea. Some of the key issues with the idea were that players could just submit a blank space, type gibberish if there was a character requirement, etc, and it would also make it more difficult to downvote scam games, which would decrease the amount of people downvoting them.

That being said, it would be nice to have analytics on downvotes (and upvotes). For instance, how long did the player play before voting? How old was the voter? What other games do players who downvote your game play? What other games do players who upvote your game play? What time did they play/vote (a graph like visit length)?


I don’t think it would be a good idea to force them to leave feedback but an optional feedback box would help a lot. I support this. I also like the idea of analytics but while we are at it, let’s add analytics (and optional feedback) for upvotes too, so we can also see what is being done well!


I think I can make a draft for a dislike / like web feature. Like. Just the looks.

I made this draft in a rush but hopefully this shall give an idea of how I think it should work.

(I forgot to add a button where users can skip the dislike/like feedback and the pie chart page).

So the idea is that the developer would be able to toggle a switch in the games configuration page which would make this UI pop up after a user likes/dislikes the game.

Users than get the option picking a list of generic reasons why the game is good / bad depending on what the user chose. This wouldn’t take much time to fill in as a user since it’s just a bunch of options.

If they dont want to fill in why they want to give feedback they can just press a “skip” button, validating their vote without needing them to explain it nor picking any of the options. That part would work exactly like the current like/dislike system.

If users want to go in depth with their feedback they can pick “Other” and type in why the game is good/bad in their opinion. This could of course use a character limit.

Picking the “Other” option would expand the UI by adding a textbox. In this textbox they can submit their self written feedback to the place owner.

By adding a timeout feature for sending user feedback, developers would be able to prevent spam from getting sent. Having this timeout customizable within a specific time range would be ideal.

Then back at the game configuration page: the developer would have a page which would display all the reasons of why users like and dislike the game in the form of two pie charts.

The “Why I like this game” Pie Chart &
The “Why I dislike this game” Pie Chart

These charts would display selected user-feedback choices in % and which choices got picked in player amounts.

User submitted feedback which comes in the form of custom user input gets sorted into an “other” tab.
This tab would be extandable, including a scrollbar featuring all user feedback sorted in chronological order.

This would show the user submitted feedback. Users should also get the ability to submit this feedback anonymously or not.

So I conclude: This system would work splendidly cause it’s simple, user friendly and would act as somewhat of a replacement for the comments section.

Scammers would not be able to use this efficiently as only people who have played the game would only be able to send feedback to the owner of the place, and let’s not forget about the feedback time out feature! User anonymity would make this feature a lot more safe too! Put this together with the censoring AI and you got the ideal feedback tool for developers and users!


A better comments system would solve the feedback problem addressed by this post.


Bots would use comment system to track down users.


i only needed to read the title to immediately support ; even the slightest enhancement is badly needed .

This would be amazing! When someone dislikes a game, they have to send a message directly to the creator / group owner.

Strongly support, i’m sure a lot of developers get frustrated when the dislikes just start popping up…
And… if you don’t like the game, there must be a reason why, therefore that’d stop people from randomly disliking games, reducing the amount of frustration. And possibly even the chain reaction, since a lot of people seem to go with the majority nowadays. oh, that game only has 70 likes, and 200 dislikes, I guess it must be pretty bad!

This is really needed, or at the very least, allow comments!
Else, a star rating system could also be an idea, would be more open for visitors to choose - they might’ve enjoyed the game but thought it doesn’t deserve a like, therefore they could give 3/4 stars. Instead of just disliking.


A solution to this problem is very necessary. I personally believe it should be on the priority list. Our problem is that we don’t know what players think of our game and this solution could very well be what we want. Even if we don’t want this exact solution, something that solves this issue would be fine as well.

Even if spam bots can attack it (not sure why they would) or if players leave random crap, I’m still willing to look through the messages and see if I can find something worthwhile.

If this isn’t the solution, maybe a review system similar to steam would be nice. Not sure how we would dodge the spam stuff, but yeah.


I’m struggling with this issue at the moment with my game that’s on featured. Getting almost 40% dislikes yet no one has messaged me with major issues. A feedback option would be greatly appreciated.

A simple way to avoid placing this on Roblox would be to create your own Roblox-to-discord webhook that users would fill out feedback in the game with a selected amount of choices like darkhero created.

This would keep it user-made and based on the user and their game, not throwing it on Roblox. God knows who would read all the feedback from the thousands of likes a game gets.

And even if you did that, you still couldn’t meet every player’s needs. I don’t support this. Just make your own in game or find one in the free models. There are many discord webhooks used for feedback systems all around.

Edit: A selection system for the feedback system might be better, but having the “other” section might want to be filtered.

I have that, Clutch, but quite often people don’t even see the feedback thing, I even notify them that it’s there. But I rarely get any feedback. If I do, it’s always positive, negative people don’t bother with that stuff, they just go ahead and dislike.

That’s what I’m saying. Users don’t want to answer the questions and give legitimate feedback. They do it because they don’t care or they get bored of the game and leave. You can find out how long your average player stays in the game in your game analytics.

the developer stats

the average visit length

Users get bored and dislike the game. If the visit length is short but you receive a ton of dislikes, the issue is that the players get bored. My brother is young and he has his friends over and they play Roblox together. They always ask me what they should play. I would say something like Fantastic Frontier and they wouldn’t get off until they beat the game. They even stay in games that are round based for hours because there’s so much to do.

When you create a game, aim for stuff to do. Most people will leave and dislike because of boredom.

Alright, i’ll use my own game for an example, it’s average visit length is quite long, even with no players, people play it for 10-35 minutes, by themselves! Now, if it takes 10-35 min for them to get bored whilst playing alone, I doubt the dislikes went up because of boredom… Though I do see where you’re coming from, just that your assumption of “Most people will leave and dislike because of boredom.” won’t be correct too often.

Correct. But i’m factoring in the most known statistic. Your game might not be boredom but another issue. It’s common for these factors in games, but the dislikes on showcases are an example too. Player’s dislike showcases because they might be jealous or something.

Sorry for the long reply wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeaah well there can be many factors why one might dislike a game, which developers could find out if this system existed :3

I wouldn’t want that at ALL.

I’d much rather keep the default like/dislike system because dislikes tend to be lower than likes because they’re, I don’t know, trolls?

"I don’t know", exactly, no developer knows why their game has been disliked, and most get frustrated (at least a bit) due to those dislikes :C