Detecting Country



So, to lay out the board, I plan to make an auto-translator for RBX chat. The only thing I need help with is figuring out their location(country) to tell which language to translate to. This may be obvious, may anyone inform me. Also, don’t bother talking about the discontinued geolocation Roblox offered.


Your best bet would likely to read the SystemLocaleId of the user or eventually RobloxLocaleId once Roblox supports more languages, they currently only support en-es (Spanish) and en-us (American English) to my knowledge.

I think this would most fit #development-support:scripting-support as it’s a question about something currently possible.


Not everyone from a certain country speaks that certain language. I am from Denmark but I speak English.

And many countries have more than one different language.

I am curious how this will be put into effect.


Hmphhhh I


Most likely I will have to nullify all MEMES


Seems like a good idea, don’t get me wrong, but I think it will be unnecessary hard. Unless there could be a language detector that automatically translates everything someone says to their specific language.

A spanish speaking person says something to a english speaking person. But the english person only sees english, because it was translated, vice versa


Na, I can EASILY do this in a day. I have no life ;-;


Will this be a chrome extension?


You are not allowed to figure anything other than what the user willingly supplied though; trying to get a location in any other way than the localizationservice provides (you tagged IP :thinking:) is a very bad idea.