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Hey! Just a quick question, when we post in Collaboration category, can these posts be about us looking for Game Moderators, Community Managers, and non-development jobs for our games, I’ve searched for an answer, and couldn’t find one…

There’s no rule to that tbh but you’d certainly get some people saying that you can’t do it cus it’s the DeVeLoPeR fOrUm!!!

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No, #collaboration is only for development related work.

The forum states, “This category is for posting your development portfolios” and “work for the development of their projects.” These quotes are from the about the recruitment and portfolio category topics.

In the past, a large percentage of topicS I have seen in #collaboration:recruitment which are non-development related have been flagged and taken down. In #collaboration:portfolios, I have seen many people post jobs like community manager, although less of these (compared to in recruitment) get taken down, but they still do most of the time.

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Game moderators, administrators, and other in-game/group staff positions can not be included in hiring posts in collaboration. However, Community Managers are almost always allowed because they involve managing game creation, developer payrolls, and advertising.

If your community manager is more of a Community Representative (all they do is advertise), I would say no - but if they are a manger in the true sense of the word, you’re fine hiring one.

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If you are paying professional salaries such as adopt me then I’d imagine it would be allowed, however any unpaid role is unalloyed and non-development positions in most cases are not allowed.

A post will not get taken down for hiring moderators / player support reps / community managers / whathaveyou. If a post has been taken down, it is because it violated one of the forum rules.

Here’s an example of a thread hiring people for non development realted work - [$28K USD / yr] Adopt Me is hiring Player Support Representatives

Please only use Recruitment for paid development positions (either Robux, real-life currency or percentage of a project), not for volunteering positions or non-development jobs.

Note: there may be certain exceptions where volunteering development positions may be reasonable. Above should not be taken as a hard rule. However, in most cases, volunteering development positions are inappropriate, and non-development positions are always inappropriate for this category. Moderators and community managers can be seen as development opportunities and are appropriate for this category, so long as they are paid.