[$28K USD / yr] Adopt Me is hiring Player Support Representatives

DreamCraft is hiring full-time Player Support Representatives.

Location: Remote, work from home (or in-office at Roblox HQ, San Mateo, California, US)
Salary: $28,000 USD / yr (paid monthly)

About Adopt Me:
Adopt Me! is the record-breaking #1 concurrent player count game on Roblox (WR: 640,000+ players online at once), delivering a best-in-class social pet adoption experience to our community of over 24 Million monthly active players. Adopt Me features an in-depth housing and avatar editor, a strong trading economy and vibrant social community - plus lots of very cute pets to take care of.

About our games studio:
DreamCraft is the studio behind Adopt Me. At the time of writing our team includes 17 diverse and talented full-time team members working in-office or remotely across the world. We’re looking for candidates who are skilled, experienced, and want to help make Adopt Me and future game projects even bigger and even better.

From a current Team Adopt Me Player Support Representative:

Being a Player Support Representative for Adopt Me lets me get paid to have a huge positive impact on young players every week - we resolve genuine issues and make people smile. I enjoy a warm company culture with flexible hours that fit around my life, and this is a great jumping point into the games industry. I have agency to improve things, to make things better for the whole team.


  • A diverse team full of creative, talented people. Learn and share knowledge, do great work whilst making friends and having fun.
  • LGBTQIA+, POC / BAME, neuroatypical and disability friendly working environment. We have a zero tolerance policy for transphobia, sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Be a part of a growing independent video game studio with a hugely successful game, a place where talented people are empowered to do their best work in sustainable long term jobs. We want you to be happy and work here for many years!
  • Competitive pay, with company benefits like healthcare coming in 2020. We encourage team members to take time off and take care of their physical and mental health. We try our best to avoid crunch - we want to be a zero burnout studio
  • Opportunities to grow and to lead, to have significant impact on our products and to meaningfully contribute to our direction as a team and a company.
  • “Full-time” roles averaging 40 hours per week - work your own hours from anywhere in the world, fit your work around your life (whilst still doing your best work).
  • Help create or support something that adds genuine value to the lives of millions of real people across the world.
  • The opportunity to build something ambitious, to raise the bar, to break records and be a part of one of the most innovative studios on the Roblox platform.


  • Be curious, want to improve yourself and others
  • Care deeply about our mission of creating best-in-class game content that kids will remember long into adulthood
  • Take ownership of projects and be willing to lead
  • Empathize deeply with others and believe our games can be vessels for social good



  • Work as part of a flexible shift pattern (40hrs per week average) helping to provide round-the-clock player support for Adopt Me!
  • Respond to incoming text-based tickets from players helping them resolve issues in a fast and friendly manner
  • Use in-game and external tools to help detect the cause of complex player problems
  • File bugs with reproducible steps, and test new game content for quality
  • Give feedback on ways to improve the Player Support pipeline to the Player Support Team Lead


  • 1+ years work experience in a Customer-facing role
  • Enough technical knowledge to be able to reproduce and file bugs in game
  • Professionalism and empathy, especially when dealing with customers who may be young, less technologically capable, neurodiverse, or not fluent in English
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work full-time (estimated 40 hours a week)
  • Able to work shift patterns as coordinated with the Player Support Team Lead
  • Strong grasp of the English language (we work in English)


  • Experience playing Adopt Me!, familiarity with the systems and community
  • Experience with Zendesk or similar ticketing platforms
  • Experience with game or software testing, QA or bug resolution
  • Experience working with young people and parents
  • Understanding of Discord
  • Spanish speakers, especially those that know Mexican dialects, are preferred.


  • Pay is $28,000 USD / yr

You must be 18 or older to apply. To apply for this job, please email jobs@playadopt.me with the subject “PLAYER SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE” and include a copy of your CV / Resume, and a brief overview (cover letter) of why you want to work at DreamCraft.



What if people don’t have a resume? Its 2020 you barely see anyone with a resume now a days.


This is a professional job opportunity. Almost all jobs you apply for require a resume to evaluate your knowledge and experience.


Highly recommend working with @NewFissy and DreamCraft! :slight_smile: So the position looks like a combination of quality assurance and community engagement. If you like playing Roblox games and testing this seems like the right job and would definitely prepare users for an industry QA job, Customer Relations job, or Help Desk job.


It’s 2020, everyone has a resume. It doesn’t have to be on paper like back in the days. If you worry about giving a resume then that should be a signal that you just shouldn’t apply.

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Ugh! I really want to apply, but I am not old enough to apply for this. :tired_face:
Anyways, this is such a great opportunity if y’all looking for a full time job! Good luck to the people who applied! :smiley:


I have applied, I wish everyone that applied good luck. Really great opportunity.



What if I live outside of the US?


Living outside the US is fine - That’s one of the great parts about being able to work remotely!


Is the age limit a legal thing? or just pefered by them?


Going recommend this to a relative who may be interested!

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Was going to apply but not 18 oof. And I don’t want 28,000$ going into my bank account and then my parents check lol.

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You do know 28 grand wouldn’t go straight into your bank at once right? Normally you’d be paid each month based on the amount of hours you worked.


Its a legal thing, there are a lot of restriction for employers hiring minors.


Are you considering opening internships for people who aren’t 18?

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Most likely not, for both legal reasons, and lack of experience.

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When will we know applications have been accepted?


I have applied. Wishing luck to those who also applied. :smile:


I’ve applied as well. It would be nice to get an automated response to emails with the proper subject just to be assured that the applications have actually been received.


Yeah, us too - we’ll be moving to a proper jobs system later this year. For now we have a horribly spammed inbox so it’s borderline impossible to reply to unsuccessful candidates but I’ve been in your place and understand how frustrating it can be. When we move to the new jobs system it will issue automated responses and rejections when a role gets filled, we just don’t have time to set it up right now :frowning: