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I’m TeaAndCopy, I would just like to mention that this idea wasn’t my own and I’m posting this on behalf of byc14. All credit goes to him & I shall be sending all feedback to him likewise.


Currently when you are invited into a team create session, you receive a message with a link to the place. I find that while this is a useful feature, I tend to lose track of all the important sessions I must be developing in. I would like to introduce a better method to store these invites, I believe it is really simple and could produce little to no errors.


My idea is to create a new tab in the develop section called ‘Team Creations’. This tab would hold all of the places that you have team create edit permissions on, exactly like the ‘Group Creations’ tab.

An example would be:

Current Layout

Proposed Layout

This may not be the most important request currently, however it is a cool feature that most developers will likely find handy when trying to keep track of all of their awesome creations!

Please reply with your feedback on this topic, I’m keen to hear from all of you on what your thoughts are and things you may change.

-Tea, byc, (credit to Dev0mar for the original post on 23rd March)


Support, it will be useful, I don’t even know which places are already in TC and this would help greatly.

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I support if it also means Team creations also involve other players team creation servers you were invited too. As it’s tiring to dig out the place either through my fav, their profile or my messages.

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That’s the point.


Support. I tend to lose all my team create games with friends and they have to send the link as it gets frustrating trying to get in the studio and start right away.

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Support, always found it annoying when it takes 5 minutes to find the game.

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Google drive has a shared with me tab. Seems like a good idea to have this team create one. Support


For now he just needs to hit that favorite button on the places.


Support, this is a simple fix to an annoying problem. Much easier when everything is laid out so you don’t have to go searching for the link.

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This is a good idea. This is really quite annoying, and needs such a fix.


We have already begun looking into possible solutions to this. Hopefully this can be solved relatively soon!


Great news!

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