Developer Awards! Phase 1: Swag Bags

No rewards for developers that have helped the community a lot?

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I’m confused if this is based on if a Developer has made over 40M lifetime or if games have made 40M.

Compared to:

The reason why I’m asking is because what if someone has made over 40M in total from their accounts lifetime but not all of it was from their games? (Such as if they’re a UGC creator or sell clothing?)

It’s 140K, not 14K, 140K USD, pretty close to the salary of a doctor.

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Gonna have to agree with Chad on this one. It’s an award package. You have achieved something amazing if you have reached that checkpoint. The idea that every small developer is entitled to one is awfully egotistical.

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As a note, I’m not trying to argue with you here, just offering my opinions on your 4 points below

  1. A fair point I suppose, although the same is true for the editors and artists that work behind the scenes for big YouTubers
  2. I don’t really have anything to disagree with here
  3. This is one point I’ve seen a lot on this thread. I don’t think I believe this is Roblox trying to get top devs to stay connected though. Obviously if you’ve made $140K+ on the platform then you’re at least invested. To me this feels more like a ‘thank you gift’ as a response to both bringing in a ####load of money for Roblox and to the wave of complaints over Star Creators getting gifts but not devs. I think Roblox has done the math here and figured out what range of devs they’d be willing to take a loss on giving gifts to. This seems to be somewhere around 200 to 150 developers.
  4. I think Roblox trying to encourage games to monetize is something to be expected. They make money when we make money. They’re also not dumb though, they know cash-grabby games will annoy players. There will always be people in it for the fame or the cash, that’s how it was even before DevEx was around. Back then people still made ‘easy’ games for the tix, the Robux for hats, the fame, etc.

I still don’t know what the Witch’s Brew is. Is it… a paper cup?


Not all games are created to make Robux for the creators. Some games are solely made for fun, so Robux might not be the “only” non-bottable factor they can use.



Lol you can buy two full Porsche Cayennes and still have enough money to buy 8403 big macs


That’s right, it is very easy to fake. A quick check by the dev relations team and they can probably phase out the fake ones.
"But they won’t check everyones games"
They will, in a way. I mean, they send you a message asking you to give the address to wherever they are going to send the gift and will “personally” ship them out to you. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have a little “background check” if you like.

But, I see your point. If they are going to send it to a thousand people - it won’t work. But I do not think they are going to send it to that many people either.

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Even if someone bots their game to meet the criteria, it wouldn’t be hard to notice that they somehow got millions of visits randomly with no effort. Generally the accounts botting games would be only used to play that one game, and wouldn’t make progress or get any badges. Its really easy to tell honestly.

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This award package was made for developers that were financially successful on the Roblox platform, also curious how you ignore all the harsh language in his response while going after one word in mine.


“New developers” are not going to earn $140,000 any time soon, and if they do, a branded pair of socks is not going to be what pushes them to get that level of success.
If the goal is to give new developers an incentive, then the reward is woefully underwhelming.

My argument is that if this is a reward meant to celebrate a first milestone, then this seems like a very bad place to set the milestone. It’s not a trophy or something you can hang, nor is it personalized, nor is it expensive. Because of the somewhat low cost of production, you would expect this to be given out at a much earlier milestone in new developers careers- not one of the later ones. That’s all.


I completely agree with this! Here, I wasn’t so much comparing Roblox to Youtube as I was remarking how Roblox hasn’t improved the awards scheme to work better with the commission system so common here. While builders and scripters can use the large percentages they earn to get to 40M, the lump sums and small percentages given to one-off commissions would take much longer to add up. However, it’s understandable that Roblox can’t necessarily give rewards to every single person that contributed something to a game (e.g. moderators, community map makers, etc.). Perhaps in the future, there will be some other type of award that is directed towards developers who work on multiple games and contribute to the platform as a whole.

Yeah, even before I posted I realized that point was one of the weaker ones. However, I felt it was worth including because of how popular it has been throughout the thread. I guess this phase is more of a “thanks for helping our business grow” reward rather than the expected “thanks for making our platform a better place” reward (which is already fulfilled by the Bloxys, to a degree).

Roblox encouraging monetization makes a lot of sense from a business perspective, however, it seems like they would also want to prioritize discovery, quality, and engagement as well, which are necessary for anyone to sign up and spend money at all (I would assume that higher quality more engaging games = more organic discovery = less money spent on advertising = more money left over for developers)*. Hopefully, in the future, there will be a reliable way to reward creators who make quality content for people to enjoy rather than to make money.

*User acquisition (advertising) is expensive and a notably large cost for Roblox. More info on that here:


Adopt Me is gonna get this in like 5 minutes.


I feel like with 140k USD, even if you used 90% of it, that is still 14k. For probably 200 dollars or less, you could make the exact same thing and probably with better quality and have it last longer. And for the people saying it is official Roblox merch so it is worth it, it really isn’t. 140k USD you earned, and yay, you get a bundle of stuff with some logos on it which probably cost 100< USD to make.


You all don’t understand, These socks are holy! They have the OG Roblox logo!


In all honesty, this should be the reward for reaching 300,000 R$ (Which is roughly $1000 USD) or something like that. I’m hoping the next two rewards will be easier to obtain, and not 10 billion place visits or some crud.

But hey, maybe someday I’ll be blessed with the holy socks.

Edit: Just noticed the black socks with the blue Studio logo have Tix on them… :0. Roblox has been making a lot of hints to Tix…


I’ve been developing for 6 years on Roblox, up to 2-6 hours a day, every day. This screenshot below shows what I have earned this year from multiple games compiled together. To put it into perspective, the main games that get earnings for me are Pistol 1v1 and No-Scope Sniping, both of which have about 180-250 players at all times.

I’m hating the metric of money here, it’s completely demotivating, especially to someone like me. Why would Roblox even do such a thing? I shouldn’t have to earn $140,000 USD in a year to get a backpack.

This whole post just makes me really upset, to be perfectly honest. Myself, alongside many other people here, feel completely undervalued based on what crazy metrics we have not reached.


Awesome this is a great way to reward developers


$1000 while it does seem plausible, it will become close to impossible for Roblox to send gifts to all the developers. You’ve got to remember there are thousands of developers (it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say there are at least 800K of them) and it’s going to be very difficult for Roblox to send rewards to the thousands of developers that are able to make $1000.

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I was pretty hyped until I saw 40 million robux. I haven’t made a robuk my entire life from a game I have made. I like the idea, but at first it sound like you want to reward people for developing, but the 40 mil makes it seem like you want to reward people who have made you money. :confused:

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Not really. Their developers get paid USD, only the owners would get it

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