Developer Awards! Phase 2: Virtual Items

I just got this too. I wonder if I can still get the 1m+ crown, because at one point for a few months earlier this year I did have over 1 million monthly average users.

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I only received Black Iron but not Adurite & Sparkletime


Just received the Bombastic crown, are they reviving this?

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I received sparkletime but not black iron or adurite, it seems pretty random.

I only got the Bombastic, which I was supposed to recieve 2 years ago. And they didn’t give me the gold one.

I also checked and am signed in on the correct account.

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Just got the two crowns that I should have got two years ago, took them long enough fr

The program is back, I got my crowns after 2 years of waiting! But I only got Sparkletime and Adurite crowns, and didn’t get Boombastic and Gold.

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Update: I have finally received the appropriate crowns of o’s for 100K and 1M MAU after a whole 3 years and 3 months. Thank you

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Would it be possible to contact support about this? I made a request over a year ago to receive a crown on my main account which was confused with my alt.
Roblox wrongly rewarded my place holder account instead of me because I own a Roblox group with more than 35k members. I had the purple crown on my alt and the bombastic on the main.
Knowing that the alt/main holder is never used to edit on Roblox Studio…

As they said they give it to the experience owner and if you holder was the holder than they would receive it, not you. The owner of the group is the owner of the experience regardless in Roblox’s view in their system. The likelyhood they would ever switch it is likely none.

I received a 1K MAU crown but I did not receive the one below it or any of the other ones I have achieved which is about the 100k MAU crown and its been over 3 months so I did reach out to the email listed here in the FAQ hopefully this is resolved. Weird how i can get reward a higher crown but not receive the ones below it.

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I also received the 1k mau crown

I wasn’t clear enough to say the Main Holder is no longer the owner of my group since I need to keep Premium so I used my main for the group

I’ve got the Bombastic Crown of OOOOOOOOOOOOh but didn’t get the golden one. So we have the same problem. XD

Hello, are you still working on it, my game Craft Productions | Shop didn’t received any crown. Please help!

Game: Craft Productions | Shop - Roblox

I have a feeling that the Gold Crown of O’s probably take way longer than other crowns to give out due to the waiting list possibly being like 40+ pages long.

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Roblox takes 3 months (usually longer) to give out crowns. How long have you been waiting for?

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2 Month, still nothing! e e e e

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No I know what you meant but as far as I know you can’t request it, I know back when my friend got the 1M MAU crown they gave him a link to include other creators with it who contributed to the experience but most of them don’t do that they just grant the owner of the group it and thats it I don’t think you can transfer them between accounts via support according to the FAQ on this thread.

Okay so Roblox has apparently started again giving out the awards! I just received the adurite one. (cca 1 year after achieving the higher milestone)