Developer challenges on forum

A while back, I saw people making developer challenges in #Resources:Community-Tutorials, What I mean by challenges is kind of like a test for developers to quiz themselves on. Is this allowed because I will give them an explaination in the “answers” section. Does that count as tutorial or resources?

If the quiz is allowed, which category should I post it in, community-resources, or community-tutorials. I feel like this is a great way for members of the forum to quiz themselves, then check the answers if they got it wrong.

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There aren’t any rules saying you can’t. Most of them are in #resources:community-tutorials, so you should go there.

at least I don’t think there are any rules


If you are writing a coding challenge for a resource category, you should also provide the solution, otherwise it is not posted in a state where it is a resource. Ideally the topic should be useful towards development as well.


So I do it in community resources, not tutorials? And yes I will provide answers.

Tutorials is probably fine provided you fully explain the solution. We’re very on-the -fence about allowing these since they’re often not really related to Roblox development nor directly useful to development otherwise. If you stay focused on Roblox development though it should be fine for now.

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Kind of late, but I do have a challenge series in #resources:community-tutorials which seems to obey the rules, might interest you.