List of Coding Challenges

Welcome everyone to the Coding Challenge ! This is a series of challenges for interested developers, that I will be releasing every once in a while. The main goal behind doing them is testing yourself and your mind, to see how well you can get around problems. I’m mainly gonna be introducing algorithms and problems where you have to think hard, which is why I think these challenges are great, because they don’t just help you improve your inner Roblox developer skills, but also the outer computer science skills, which would be super useful in the future if you’re ever going to switch careers. Experience and massive knowledge of what Roblox Studio is capable of isn’t really needed to finish a challenge (at least most of them), you just need to know the basics, and work that brains of yours.

Coding Challenge #1: Numbers to French

Coding Challenge #2: It’s sorting time!

Coding Challenge #3: Continuous Subarrays

Coding Challenge #4: Non-repeating character

Coding Challenge #5: Rotating 90-degrees

Coding Challenge #6: First Duplicate

Coding Challenge #7: Pairs divisible by 5

Coding Challenge #8: snake_case to camelCase

Coding Challenge #9: Recamán’s sequence

Coding Challenge #10: Schoole Door State

Coding Challenge #11: Non-decreasing array

Coding Challenge #12: Draw the multiplication

Coding Challenge #13: Little white… “friendliness pellets”