Developer console click and drag broken

Try click and drag to move the developer console, when the mouse gets released the developer console will update position only when your mouse leaves the frame. I am on Windows 10


Windows 10 here and having the same issue. Would love to see this get fixed sooner than later, it makes using the dev console a hassle.


I can confirm that I am having the same issue and I was hoping for a regular to post it in bug reports and here it is.


Windows 8.1, same issue. I’ve been dealing with this for a while now, even since I downgraded from 10 a couple of weeks ago due to performance issues.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Experiencing same issue, also not showing client logs sometimes for apparently no reason. Some games it shows and others it doesn’t.

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Experiencing the same issue aswell, it’s really annoying because it continues even when the devconsole is closed, leading to not being able to move your camera by holding right click.


This is STILL happening, huge pain and i can’t believe something like this hasn’t been fixed yet.


Apparently, if you click a draggable part of the developer console and close it by pressing X, you can still drag the developer console from the place you clicked until you click the screen again.

Temporary workaround as a result:


Can confirm am having the same issues. Also, sometimes executing code doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t even output anything.

Why has this still not been fixed? It’s been almost a month now.


If old technology that roblox uses suddenly becomes outdated or broken, Roblox will usually upgrade it with new technology. This will probably be the case with Developer Console?

month later this is still happening and its annoying I hope They knowledge this issue soon

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This is still happening, also like someone else said, sometimes if you press X to close it, you can still click the developer console GUI while it is “closed”, leading to me having to repon it and close it again.

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This bug makes the developer console near-unusable, you can’t play the game and read output at the same time. Why is it taking so long to address these horrible ux bugs :confused:


Still happens to me,
debugging is starting to become a nightmare since I literally cannot test my stuff without the Dev Console, and needing to just take a chance as to whether it’ll slide off the screen when i go to run the command is getting incredibly frustrating.

For everyone still reading this, here’s a way to cope with this:
Press f9 to hide console, move your mouse to the top right of the screen at the left side of leaderboard and then click twice, when you open it again it won’t be moving anymore.


I cannot stress enough how monumentally annoying this bug is, and I would appreciate if it is given some attention considering it is likely an easy fix.


This is still an issue as of now. Would be nice if a fix was issued earlier because it’s quite an annoying bug.

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Again, this really needs to be fixed. The developer console is nearly useless trying to deal with this. Wasting a lot of my team’s time during testing.