Developer Events | Submissions Open for May - July

EDIT: This thread is outdated. Please see this announcement for more information: Developer Events - Live Ops | Submissions Open from Now through February 2020

Hey Developers,

Thank you everyone who has already submitted your event! We wanted to extend the amount of time developer games will be promoted on our page during the initial launch of our program.

To start off the first few months of this new program, developer games will be featured for a week. We will be updating the page weekly on Thursdays. As the program continues to grow we may adjust the length of the game promotion.

Currently, we are looking for submissions for May 16 - August 1.

If you would like Roblox to showcase your event, have updates or cool features for the dates listed above, fill out this application.

Things to consider:

  • Submit your event at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Select which Thursday you would like your event to start being promoted
  • Make sure the Thursday you select falls in the timeframe above

If you previously have submitted, please resubmit with the updated requirements above.

For more information, please see Roblox 2019 Events Update.

Thanks you,
Roblox Developer Relations Team


Are Developer Events actually worth it? There’s already the Featured Games program but I’ve heard that it hasn’t been very welcoming to newer games. This seems fairly redundant of Featured Games. All it does is promote games on a page. Developers already host events for their games.

I think it’s better not to use LiveOps. Doesn’t feel like anything special. Events were meant to be special, not something you see on a constant cycle.


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Please make sure to put feedback on event changes on the other thread.

Seems like people are still unsure about this. I’ll be great to see how it turn out though!


Already starting off the new program you remove the ability to let developers choose which dates their events starts and ends.

Already any event I ever wished to do… is now, pointless.


They probably did so to limit the amount of events per month


What if you don’t get it done by Thursday day our don’t, have the time to can you still submit it?


I like the idea of Live -Ops, but the realization is kind of stale.

My expectations:

  • Game developers may get sponsored by Roblox
  • The event game will be added to the events tab

What we’ve got:

  • Game gets featured for a week
  • Player’s won’t get any event items ( motivation to play the game)

I feel that no one will care about Roblox events without free hats


Even if that’s the case, Monday to Monday is a week, Thursday to Thursday is a week. What’s stopping them from choosing the optimum number of events they can feature with the date specific to the developer?

That means they can group the events based on the days developers want to show their events. Not every Thursday work for every game.

I get that this is just “Featured” which is showcasing the game, and nothing is stopping you from continuing the event without being “Featured”.

It’s just this whole things seems pointless, and definitely is not “Powering Imagination”, When my Imagination can only have time on Thursday to Thursday.


How big does the update or event have to be? If I have a relatively small game with a little over 1 million plays, would my game have the same chance of getting in as other games?


It’s the developers responsibility to have a worth while in-game reward for participating in the event. Games have been doing this and have either drawn in players or rejuvenate previous players interests by having those in-game events.

A recent example I can see of this is Meepcity:

In the blurb, it states as an in-game event:


This in-game developer driven event might drive in more people to collect that limited-time furniture, a worth while reward seeing as one of the main features of the game for a regular player is customizing their own home.

Another game I know of that has regular in-game events no matter the occasion is Monsters of Etheria.

Players are engaged to collect limited time skins of different playable creatures, drawing in its current player base to continue playing.

To say that since the players not getting any free hats means no one will come is a pretty baseless claim to me. Developers on roblox have regularly done their own in-game events to draw in new and previous crowds.

I will say this though, those games I mentioned do have their own communities, which new games probably wont have. However, they were able to form their own communities for a reason.

It seems that the developer events program will help get games- especially new games- with in-game events attention and possibly drive in a player base.


In game rewards are a significant step down from sitewide rewards you can show off in all other games and on your avatar. It’s not the same - there is no equivalency between them at all.


I like this line, made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall tho, I have to agree with @MemeProduced. It’s much easier to regulate it the way they’re doing it now. I get that it’s not ideal for everyone but it’s only dates - it shouldn’t be all that bad in reality.


We all know that the majority of Roblox’s playerbase consists of children and cosmetics have a huge impact on them. I remember myself, back in 2013 I would do anything for a hat. It’s not a secret that hats play an important part in the platform and this update kills almost every free hat due to the cancellation of monthly events.

Now there is no way for new players to obtain an accessory for free, only via “Buy Robux” button.


I believe this also feeds into some people’s theories that this is a business move rather than a community move. I wouldn’t be surprised honestly, what with Roblox being a corporation and all. We really need answers from the people who made the call, speculation isn’t really great.

I also shared this experience with some other family members who used to play. We’re older now (and less interested in free stuff now that we have financial freedom) but I still see this with lots of the current players. It’s a shame.


Well, I’d assume you can submit a game if it is to a standard where it is playable. If it is missing too much essentials and crucial elements, it is not something possibly getting accepted in the application. I suggest finishing the game to a standard point for it to be playable before submitting.

Yeah and basically now all the rewards you get are locked to the game itself and not the platform. So the reward doesn’t really matter unless its a game you play consistently or plan to play consistently. So half the new users that you get from the event advertisement that won’t become a ‘regular’ player wouldn’t even be able to make use of the reward they do get if they complete the event.

If you had got a new catalog item, and someone asked where you got it, you could tell them “x game is running an event” but this won’t happen. Word of mouth will only spread among your current users, not the new users.

Basically there’s no reason to participate in the events unless you want to check out the events itself. Theirs no incentive from the platform. It’s like when a popular game that lost most of its momentum do a huge update and get a wave of players again, only for it to die out in a week.

Essentially that’s what Roblox is doing. And its not beneficial for new games, mainly for already established games. So basically the general use is running live op events for featured games.
The program just happens to be extended to everyone so that not only featured games can monopolize the feature.

As of now the only thing that works cross games on this platform are the avatars.



Couldn’t you argue this is what happened with monthly events anyway? That “people simply went for the hat” and then simply left, never to play the game again. How is that any better for the developer? They get a temporary influx.

Also, it’s the developers fault if they cant keep a fresh player base all the time. Keeping up with constant updates and events to engage their fans is essential. This theoretical situation of “lost momentum” is the fault of the developer, not roblox.

Because if the game itself can choose what catalog item they wish to give away, then the game is giving away an exclusive in-game item anyway. In which case not every game is giving away the same items. This still makes the game worth playing, this still allow the items to be used in other games outside of the game running the event.

This will be a thousand times more effective, if creators were able to create catalog items themselves.

This still allows players to boast about their new item and cause an even greater influx of players. Sure it’s possible it’ll still be temporary. But there’s a better chance that player will become a regular.

A developer can only release the updates they have the capacity to make. Otherwise the quality of the update could effect the overall quality of the game. Saying a developer should be able to keep up with constant updates to engage their fans, when the developer has essentially 0 fans, or a very small number is catering to the already established games as per your previous post.

The lost of momentum can indeed be the developers fault, but no game has any momentum unless they can create a backing behind it. And currently you’ll have to plaster your game across multiple sources such as DevForums Bulletin, What are you working on, cleverly linking your game when possible in relevant replies, and spending a crap ton of Robux on advertisment. As well as encouraging your community to take some of the above actions as well or interact with them.

And the sad part is that’s a lot more effective than this will ever be if it continues as it is now.


I do agree in-game developer events could be helped with the issuing of UGC for the catalog.


It’s the developer that needs to make a game that can create momentum behind it. Advertising of many means will mean nothing if the game simply isn’t good.

It’s not always going to be easy. These categories such as “featured” and soon to be category for live-ops will be a quality filter for users as a dependable place to find good games.