Developer Exchange is Moving to the Creator Dashboard!

As a part of Roblox’s ongoing development of the Creator Dashboard, we will be moving the Developer Exchange page to its new home on the Creator Dashboard.

For the next month, a banner will be displayed on the old Developer Exchange page directing you to the new page. After one month, anyone visiting the old page will also be redirected.


Where will I be able to find the Developer Exchange?

  • You can either visit or travel to the Creator Dashboard and select DevEx on the side panel.

Why are we moving Developer Exchange to the Creator Dashboard?

  • Roblox wants the Creator Dashboard to be the hub for everything creator and developer related. With this, we are moving developer and creator-related features such as Developer Exchange to the dashboard.

Are any changes being made to the Developer Exchange process?

  • The look of the Developer Exchange is being changed to match the look and feel of the rest of the Creator Dashboard.
  • The Developer Exchange process will stay exactly the same as before the migration.
  • All current Developer Exchange requirements will remain the same:
    • Require a verified email.
    • Can only request Developer Exchange once per calendar month.
    • Developer Exchange requests must be reviewed by the DevEx team.
    • Must have earned 50,000 Robux in the account.
    • Valid DevEx portal account.
    • 13 years of age or older.
    • Community member in good standing, having complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use.

What’s next for the Developer Exchange?

  • The team is currently exploring how we can increase the safety and security of the Developer Exchange. Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, we recommend you secure your account with 2 Step Verification if you haven’t already.



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I am in no way ungrateful (although I do think this doesn’t come under a privilege) that we are able to exchange our virtual earnings for real-world money. However, is it not more appropriate that the next steps of Developer Exchange involve reviewing the current exchange rate?


I’m definitely happy about this change, as the UI on the website definitely needed to be updated. Hence the image here. Feels a bit, old…

On the other hand, what else is going to be added to the Creator Dashboard?

Anywho, I look forward to more of these quality of life changes, and am quite happy with the updates and changes recently.

Thanks for putting your effort into this Roblox. :slight_smile:



Nice change, but this would have made me a lot happier


Please make the Create websites have a smaller UI and native Light Mode.

It’s really hard for me to read any text on the sites and I always have to scale down to 75% just to read it in Fullscreen.


Why can we still not launch Studio from this interface?


I like the new page design, although there are a few changes that could be made to improve user experience:

  • Checkmark icons are used as list icons, this could be misleading because it still displays a checkmark even if the user does not meet the given requirement
  • If you have a pending cash-out request, the page will say “You are not eligible to cash out” without explaining why, which could confuse some users
  • In the dashboard navigation, pages specific to the selected creator in the dropdown (e.g. Creations and Credentials) are displayed in the same navigation section as pages that are specific to the authenticated user (e.g. Translator Portal, DevEx), which is not that big of a deal but is still somewhat misleading

Splendid update! Now we just need better rates… only if…


Light mode. Light mode. Where is light mode?


I won’t be overcomplicating this more; but assuming the approximate value of Robux to be the average of the values implied by the first three “buy Robux” items in the US, one robux is worth about 0.01224 dollars. This means 100,000 Robux is approximately worth $1,224. (don’t want to be more pedantic about this)

Say you earn 100,000 Robux through developer products. Roblox will take a 30% cut, so you’re left with 70,000 to cash out. Currently, through DevEx, one robux is worth exactly 0.0035 dollars. So, ignoring whatever fees are deducted through the process, you end up cashing out $245 for what was 100,000 Robux in revenue.

That is 20% of what that amount of robux is approximately worth. So Roblox takes about 80% of your revenue. Take that how you will.

As I said, I’m in no way ungrateful for the existence of DevEx. But a look at the current rates is something I think a lot of developers would appreciate.


Agree on smaller UI fat disagree on native light mode


They’re not gonna force you to use light mode ?


You bring up a good point, but I believe Roblox as a platform offers much more services to developers which in my opinion makes a comparison to platforms like Steam not accurate.

But overall I get the message. Roblox should increase the rates for developers on the platform.


Can you please deal with the UI on mobile first, the creator dashboard is practically unusable on mobile, and every page you guys add to the creator dashboard is another page you’ll have to update to actually function on mobile.


Roblox has written a brief article on how the revenue is distributed, check it out here if you’re interested.


It’s essential feature, if you don’t like you don’t need to use it, but many people out there like myself sometimes need or prefer to use light theme for certain websites and apps, forcing dark theme hurts UX. Discord proved it really well by temporarily removing light theme as April’s Fools joke and it resulted in a backlash, and either way, most modern and proper websites/apps come with light theme by default, some even match the device theme.


I have to agree with this, as you said, totally grateful for what Roblox does, they are a good company to develop for, no doubt.
However, if you consider the fact that Stars is sunsetting, and most smaller developers (such as I) do a lot of purchases from third party sites (cant afford a professional modeler or sound person on staff) that along with any sort of promotions or merchandising takes a large portion of profits, if we can even afford to do those things to begin with.
I think it is not unreasonable to take a look at current rates. Just a re-evaluation might be nice.


I have an issue with this update, it’s hard to tell what robux is “devex-able”.

Here’s a view at what I see now: (small amount lol)

That robux is robux I payed for via a gift card and the premium stipend, not earned. Some is also premium payouts, but still. This gives a false sense of hope to developers.

Can we see how much robux we have that is “devexable”?

Edit: earned robux bit on TOS.


Aaaaaaaaand here we go again. Comparing a game store to a game platform. Part 101.