Developer Exchange Program Minimum Requirements Changes


The Developer Exchange Program (DevEx) is a program that allows Roblox creators to exchange their Earned Robux for real money.

Today, we are announcing that the Cash Out minimum requirement will be lowered from 50,000 Robux to 30,000 Robux. If you have earned the minimum of 30,000 Robux in your account, you may now have the option to Cash Out.

By lowering the amount of earned Robux needed to DevEx, more developers may be able to convert earnings into cash to reinvest in themselves, their studio, and their community.

Please note that we are also updating the DevEx SLA for repeat users to 5 days to better reflect our current processing time for DevEx. This update will not impact our current processing time for DevEx.

Please visit the Developer Exchange FAQ for more information.

Thank you,
Developer Relations


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This is awesome! Glad Roblox is giving the chance for lower monetized games developers to earn a bit of money!


A nice update (especially for smaller creators). Please now can we get a update where DevEx gets increased :joy:


I appreciate this update, but I think that far more people are asking for a DevEx rate change than a reduction to the minimum cash out value.


Thank you. It gets easier every update like this. And I wonder how you all pay for devex.

So since im lazy as hell to calculate this, what will 30,000 robux convert to in $s?


Definitely a great change. Including even more smaller developers in the program is definitely a step in the right direction. (Now we just need a rate increase)


BEST NEWS OF MY DAY, This is going to help many smaller creators but please please lets increase Rates


Awesome change, but I don’t see any mention of what “SLA” stands for, not sure if I just missed it somewhere or just not understanding.


Roblox has grown a lot since 2017, financially speaking. As such, it only makes sense that the developer’s cut of the money grows as well. After all, us developers are the people who create the games and are the people who made Roblox popular in the first place. When will the Devex rates properly reflect what we have done for the platform? This update is helpful, but it isn’t what we wanted. Please stop ignoring us, Roblox.


it’s 30,000 robux = 105 US dollars


Good change, but when will we see the amount of cash go up?


sweet! lower monetized games will hopefully be more common now instead of p2w.

Tbh, I thought that 50k was a good threshold. All the effort of presenting legal documents doesn’t seem worth it for a mere $105 USD.


SLA stands for Service Level Agreement, which is a document that outlines the agreement between two parties on how a service or product will be delivered. In the case of DevEx, the SLA is a document that outlines the expectations and guarantees regarding the speed and quality of the cash out process.


This is gonna be helpful for small developers who just about meet this threshold.

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As much as I appreciate this change, I would’ve personally enjoyed it more if the DevEx rate exchange was increased rather than the same old “1 Robux to $0.0035 USD” currency

This just feels like the price was lowered only because the majority of the community asked for lower DevEx prices (Which I’m not complaining don’t get me wrong), but it would be more better if the conversion was changed

If there was an improvement to the rate, then it’ll definitely make DevEx feel more better & worthwhile in the first place


This seems fair, I can’t lie. Atleast it’s not something like 10,000.

This is a great change for all small developers. Hoping to see devex rates being raised!


Awesome! This will definitely benefit smaller creators on the platform.

For those curious, the payout minimum has now decreased from $175 USD to $105 USD.