Developer Modules: Instant Social Features

Hey @LucidPolygon, they actually are in the toolbox and are completely optional + customizable for you to use (or not) as you wish! You can find direct links to each of the assets and documentation on how to use them in the original post.


Just adding on to @SolarCrane’s response. The emote speed changing as you press the emote button (aka “Tempo”) can be disabled with by setting useTempo to false in a LocalScript.

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local EmoteBar = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("EmoteBar"))
    useTempo = false

You can learn more about the tempo feature here: Emote Bar | Roblox Creator Documentation


Thanks ComplexLint! I hope this helps, Lagnis7859.


The photobooth module needs to go further and let users screenshot and post to twitter/smedia/roblox friends feed so that I, as a developer, can get viral traffic.

I don’t understand what the point is right now.


some time if i use shift lock the in-experience profile shows up. can some one give that more functions / events

i was trying out the photoboot and this error came

 ReplicatedStorage.PhotoBooth.Configuration.setBackgrounds:9: [array] bad value for key 3:
	"" failed to match pattern "rbxassetid://[0-9]+"  -  Client - setBackgrounds:9
  16:55:09.635  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  16:55:09.635  Script 'ReplicatedStorage.PhotoBooth.Configuration.setBackgrounds', Line 9 - function setBackgrounds  -  Studio - setBackgrounds:9
  16:55:09.635  Script 'Players.Qin2007.PlayerScripts.ConfigureDev.ConfigurePhotoBooth', Line 19  -  Studio - ConfigurePhotoBooth:19
  16:55:09.635  Stack End  -

i used this localscript

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

local PhotoBooth = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("PhotoBooth"))

	frameMessage = "Q\'s beautiful world",
	fadeUiDelay = math.huge,

local GroupService = game:GetService("GroupService")
local function getEmblemAsync(groupId)
	local groupInfo = GroupService:GetGroupInfoAsync(groupId)
	return groupInfo.EmblemUrl
local Require = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.IdService)--here i take the image from [!/about] i put those in a module script

PhotoBooth.setBackgrounds({--i think the error is here

Thanks for the detailed report! Currently the PhotoBooth only supports image ids specified using the rbxassetid:// pattern (see for more info). We will look into supporting more ways of loading images in the future. For now I would recommend changing your getEmblemAsync function to the following:

local function getEmblemAsync(groupId)
	local groupInfo = GroupService:GetGroupInfoAsync(groupId)
	local assetIdNumber = groupInfo.EmblemUrl:gsub("[^%d]", "")
	local assetId = "rbxassetid://" .. assetIdNumber
	return assetId

This change takes the assetId from the EmblemUrl and converts it into the rbxassetid:// format.
For example if groupInfo.EmblemUrl was "" then this function would return "rbxassetid://60428602".


I need to hit up my Twitter followers with those snazzy photo booth shots!

On a serious note, allowing us to post game screenshots on friends news feed would be a cool way to interact with each other. Although, you’d need to step up moderation as you can’t guarantee it’ll be 100% PG.

What if you tagged the photobooth screenshots with a FFLAG?
Just an idea. I could’ve most likely worded that better, but somehow deter screenshots taken from the photo booth to normal screenshots would be a easier way to know it should be safe.

Nice to see you about Telamon.

Of course the Developer Modules are optional.

Besides safety concerns, Roblox will never interfere with the way Robloxians develop.

Absolutely! This is something we’re looking into and planning on adding as screenshot functionality becomes more available on Roblox.

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I feel like the “head moving with camera” should be included in this list as well, as I would consider it a sort of “social feature.”


You know what I meant.
Let me correct myself to satisfy you:

This sounds like one of the best things Roblox has ever added to help us Developers modernize the Social Experiences in our game.

Is there anything else related to avatar movement / expressions that you think would make experiences feel more realistic as well?

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If you’re talking about things that are already developed, then no. It would be cool to have different walking sounds for different materials you walk on, though.


I already suggested that in the Beta Group and they’re working on implementing this. The best solution to deal with it now is to change the Emote Bar to the other mode which is Emote Wheel. You click on your avatar in your game and a circle of emotes will appear around you that you can click and use, which won’t conflict with the tools in your hotbar.

Its also important to note that the Developer Modules are really messy. There are tons of modules scripts in the ReplicatedStorage Folders for each module.

One guy on Twitter even made an animation for the messiness:


Its for all of them too, not just the Emote Bar.

Could you folks also release the headlook system that’s in the community space experience? Having headlook is useful for deeper social interactions between players, so having that module also opensourced would be great!


We have some updates and new modules for you! Learn more here: Developer Modules: Updates & New Modules!


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