Developer Modules: Instant Social Features

Hi everyone,

We’ve released a series of Developer Modules for the social features in the Roblox Community Space. These modules are designed to let you easily add powerful social features to your experiences!

Developer Modules

A developer module is an asset that can be added to any Roblox place directly from Studio. Today, we’re releasing the friends locator, in-experience profile, spawn with friends, emote bar, and photobooth modules.

These all let your players instantly find and play with their friends, better express themselves in experiences, easily meet others and make friends, and snap a photo of themselves in your experience.

Where do I find them?

All these modules were published in Roblox’s models library. You can find the direct links to each module above or search for them in the Library. From these pages, you can add them to your inventory in order to conveniently find them in the “My Inventory” section of Studio’s Toolbox panel.

How do I use them?

Just like any other asset from the Studio Marketplace, you can one-click insert or drag and drop them into your 3D Workspace. After that, run the experience and the Dev Module will distribute itself to various services and start itself up.

Each Dev Module is designed to work out of the box, so the moment you press play it will just work. If this isn’t your style, as the developer you have full control over the Dev Module and how it works. Advanced users can configure each module in many different ways. Please refer to their documentation to know more!

Documentation & Resources

This page will always be updated with the latest information. You can learn more about each module below –

What’s next?

We’re just getting started! We know you’ll use these modules in different ways across your unique experiences. As you build, we’re working towards our next milestone of releasing the next batch of social features, so stay tuned!

If you’re using developer modules in your experiences and would like to help design upcoming modules, fill out this form to request access to a private DevForum category with us! You can also submit feedback here.

A big shout out to the team making this possible: @complexlint, @TheGreaterWhale, @AngelEthereal, @ghost_naps, @Chocopain, @SolarCrane, @AZKOolKAt, @poppyphizzy, @IgnisRBX, @Kairomatic

Jan 13, 2022 Update:


I think it’s time to unprivate the Cryo repository lol

Funnier thing is it has a docs page that’s publically accessible; Cryo Documentation


This is awesome! Would love to see more versatile stuff added in the future - it’d be great to have Roblox official Anti-Exploit scripts


heavy breathing intensifies

This sounds like one of the best features Roblox has ever added.


This is awesome. I can definitely see a tone of use for this. Friend locator is a great feature. Props to the Roblox team.


a. Does this work with localization?
b. Do we need to capture all the text ourselves for translation or does it already take that into account? I’d love to add this to my experiences but if localization will take a while to setup I don’t see the benefit of adding it yet.


The issue with that is with so many options for roblox developers to modify players, it would not be worth making an anticheat for roblox games. Would be better to make your own for how you know your game will work with it.


if developers want it, they can do it themselves right?


I can’t wait for more things like this to be added!


There are so many awesome resources available to developers now a days. It’s never been more exciting to push the limits of experiences on the platform.


Or… they could just rely on Roblox’s modules that have been developed by professionals, which will be enough for most games?


Amazing features! Highly useful to both new & experienced developers.


I agree, Roblox needs a anticheat, or at least put some effort in trying to take down cheats that any player can get their hands on.


I’ve been watching some really cool stuff releasing over the past few days, and this adds to it. Not only is this a useful thing to have, but also a generous offering from the Roblox Team. I’m excited to see if more modules are added in future, and I hope these “Developer Modules” will continue to expand, hopefully outside of strictly social features. Great start, and high quality assets coming directly from Roblox. Not only saving time, but saving the risk of malicious or inefficient code within assets. We’re moving in the right direction.


They do support localization! All of these models have their UI set to have AutoLocalize = true. Meaning that their strings will be automatically captured if you have automatic text capture enabled (check out this article to learn more!)


This is amazing! These will be super useful, thank you so much for making them public!


That’s pretty cool, probably won’t be needing this in my “experiences” but nether the less it’s good for beginner developers as well as those who were keen on utilizing these features for their own games.


Would have been nice if these Modules were put on github because a lot of us use Rojo, or just want to read the source code.

It would also be nice to have them all bundled together for people that wants to use all of them, having to take each model then insert them into a game one by one is a pain.


Great feature to allow more social interactions inside games.

This may sound like a stupid question but do we need to credit anything inside our game if we use them? I am guessing not but still I rather ask then not.