Developer Products: Inconsistent Damaging Functionality Across www, create & Studio when Taking Products Off-Sale

Reproduction Steps

1. Create developer products at any price via either site/studio.
2. Change the value field to be blank. Different behaviour happens on different sites.

Expected Behavior

The value to be set to blank/nil as to be the off sale state of a game pass.

Actual Behavior

  • www: Successful saves :slight_smile:
  • create: Sets the price to 0.
  • Studio: Gives a “Price must be grater than 1.” error message & doesn’t save.

Setting the price to 0 is a problem because it allows products to be bought for free.


(I lost 1 robux from this test?!)

Studio shows the off sale state in a funky way too:


Use www site, however this is going offline in early 2023.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:, (And Roblox Studio Game Settings tab)
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
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I’d argue that this functionality while not wanted for when you set the product as off-sale, it still has a use and shouldn’t be removed when you directly input ‘0’ into the price box.

You did not, this is simply a visual error in-where the minimum tax (of 1 Robux) is applied to the sale of 0 Robux visually. I reported this to @Bug-Support months ago to no response.


Hi, thanks for the report - looking into this.


Hey - extremely late response/update on this, but I shipped a change for this a while ago. You can update the price of dev products on creator dashboard to null, which preserves the same functionality as WWW where it is no longer for sale. Let me know if you’re still seeing dev products available for sale with 0 cost after updating a product to a null price.

Now as to why dev-products don’t behave like game passes where you can deliberately set the pass for sale or not and not have a hacky workaround of setting the price to null, unfortunately I don’t have a satisfactory answer other than dev-products is rooted in very old, legacy spaghetti code. There have been talks

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