Developer Roadmap Update: 2021

I think making the voxel resolution larger would be too taxing on performance, but I think it would be possible to automatically and randomly place some decorations on the terrain (like rocks/pebbles), which you could toggle or something. But to be honest this is entirely doable in a plug-in, so take notes, everyone.
Also I endorse the changes in grass. It’s been so long since it came out but we still can’t customize it at all which makes it really annoying.


Well, current voxels are 4x4 studs right? what i was thinking of was 1x1 studs voxels, that shouldn’t have a too big effect on performance after all.


Reducing the size of voxels to 1 stud will result in a 4x4x4 = 64x increase in the number of voxels.


That wouldn’t be practical in the slightest for large maps, but would be amazing for showcases and smaller scenes.


I’d like to see some improvements to the crash rates analytical page, can we please get a revamp for crash rates on the analytics page?

For example, how many users are crashing on said device in which universe? Or even a way for us to see crash dumps.

It’s extremely hard to figure out crash reasons without guessing.

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I believe there is some confusion here (at least I’m very confused).

What you’ve sent is a link to the SurfaceAppearance feature info, but on the roadmap, clicking on the info button next to the Custom Materials leads to New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

Is this a mistake?


Indeed it is, I’ll see about getting it fixed. (EDIT: It’s correct now)


My bad, I misread that. I thought it was about the new built in materials. I apologize :sweat_smile:

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The original “Teleport” was added back in 2011.

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We are still doing research for CloudScript. Given it’s high risk, we don’t show it on the roadmap but will definitely add it back once the scope is well defined.


Definitely a huge improvement compared to last year. Frequent accurate updates is better for devs than hype announcements, and we always have RDC to show off any crazy features coming up in the pipeline

The original comment was asking how many of these features will be behind a paywall, if I’m not mistaken? I’d check but it appears to have been deleted. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Correct. It was removed for being off topic, apparently.

Roadmap interestingly seems to cater towards the developer more this time, rather than the platform.

I can’t actually get excited considering the performance of previous roadmaps tend to hype up the community then around the end of the first or second quarter, all questions are ignored and the roadmap may as well be set to finish nothing.

I do remember for the 2020 roadmap there was supposed to be sometime in October / November / December the beginning of improved audio tooling things like parametric curves and attributes as were said. It was taken off the roadmap at some point in 2020 I was just wondering why this was removed from the roadmap I was really looking forward to having access to more features regarding audio. I was disappointed to see it removed, but it’s understandable.

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…Which would make it very impractical for almost all games. Thing is though, Roblox has been messing with Terrain LoD more and more, so I’m assuming they’re preparing for lower voxel studs. Hopefully I’m not wrong on this.

Can we get 4K image support added sometime soon? Alternatives to this are a pain.
Can we get the ability to change the animation easing via nodes and curves on the animation editor?
Can we get the ability to change the textures on terrain?
Can we get the ability to change what is actually considered vegetation on terrain with the option to define what vegetation material it can be on?
Can we get the ability to create our own shaders?


I’d like it if you allowed for :GetConnectedParts() to take into account the non-rigid joints too.

Just a small initial update to the roadmap, as we only recently announced it:

  • Parallel Lua
    • Launch Date: TBD → Q1 2021
  • Procedural Skies
    • Renamed to Procedural Skies v0
    • Launch Date: TBD → Q1 2021
  • Updated Build-in Materials
    • Added to Roadmap as an upcoming feature
  • Context-aware Autocomplete
    • Added to Roadmap as an upcoming feature
  • Procedural Skies v1
    • Added to Roadmap as an upcoming feature

As things settle down, we expect to shift into a monthly cadence of updates.


Script Version History says that it’s in Open Beta - are there instructions anywhere on how to enroll? I didn’t see an option in the Studio Beta Features as of this morning.