Developing my first actual game. Any map and game ideas?

So in late February I decided to make my first actual game (Inspired by a Unity game called “Zombie Survival”) to see what I’ve learned from building, scripting and UI design. I wanted to see if I am capable to develop a “well built and scripted” game. I have designed the road layout for the map and added a few small houses but don’t know what to add for the rest.

I also make a logo and a menu theme for my game. Maybe needing some improvements?
Menu music | Download ModTracker (.MPTM)
Feedback is apreciated and thanks for reading.

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if its kinda story game or game where you can finish game, then add some kind of reel to reel tape drive that will tell players something

maybe add a hills or a forest somewhere

Its actually a strategy or a adventure game. You fight the zombies in different levels but gets harder when you progress though the game

Oh ok that is nice, then reel to reel tape recorder is out of place