Development of The Complex Origins

Well to begin with, we are going to insert about what has been worked on the project, first of all I will summarize it for you, it is a project called The Explication Project, this idea came to mind to start the game. First of all, this whole topic is about how the game is going, none of this can be official in the final version! add a reminder if you want to receive about the development of my next game!

You want to be aware of the project and you want to be informed of how this project is going The Explication Project, because I leave you my social links so you can find out:

  • 8/29/2020, the main idea of the creation of the game is given, I started looking for a name that stands out and in the end I found it!
  • 9/28/2020, I added an emblem in the game, also setting that the game is one player, (that will be seen later and why I made this decision)