Development Tips and Tricks - Building #1

Hi there,

I am xPro_Do. I have been building (among other things) on ROBLOX for the past 4-5 years. Over the time span I have taught myself and learned lots of things in regards to building. I have seen many new developers starting to build, and asking for some tips, or how I build like I do. So I thought I’d make a post going over some tips and tricks to help others with their building.

Without further adieu, here are some tips and tricks for anyone interested in learning how to build/settings.


First tip: Have “Collisions” off.

When collisions is enabled, it doesn’t let you drag things through, leading to potential gaps, hard time moving bricks, etc… To ensure this is off, make sure that the “Collisions” button is blank. You can find this under Model -> Tools -> Collisions

Second tip: Adjust your ‘Snap to Grid’ numbers when necessary

These numbers can be found just right of the Collisions button. The Rotate number is what determines how many degrees an object rotates, when using the Rotation tool. Likewise, the Move number is what determines how many studs the item(s) you have selected will move or scale.

Third tip: Experiment with coloring and materials

When it comes to building, the materials and color of your bricks is an important aspect of how your creation will look. When it comes to builds, you should experiment with what looks best. Materials and colors can make a big difference, like the example below. If you are going for a more cartoon-like build, then going with maybe only one or two materials can look pretty good as well.

With Materials (EXAMPLE)

Without Materials (EXAMPLE)


There are many shortcuts you can use in Studio to speed up, or just make the job easier to do.

CTRL+C : Copies
CTRL+V : Pastes
CTRL+Z : Undo
CTRL+Y : Redo
CTRL+A : Selects all
CTRL+Shift+V : Pastes into selection
CTRL+G : Groups selection
CTRL+U : Ungroups selection
CTRL+Shift+G : Unions Selection
CTRL+Shift+N : Negates selection
CTRL+Shift+U : Separates selection
CTRL+1 : Select
CTRL+2 : Move
CTRL+3 : Scale
CTRL+4 : Rotate
CTRL+5 : Transform
Alt+A : Anchors
WASD: Moves forward,backwards,left, and right.
QE: Moves up and down
(Holding) ALT+selecting: Will allow you to select parts inside a model.
F: Will take you (The camera) right up to what is selected.

This is part 1. I will make more posts about tips for lighting and whatnot, as well as more studio stuff if this post does well, and people are interested in more. :eyes: Thanks for stopping by,



I knew most of this already, but you put it better than I ever could’ve. I especially love the building, am I right to think it’s from Doctor Strange?


Thanks, and yes it is from Doctor Strange, the Sanctum Sanctorum. :+1:


Wow that looks so good.

Great tutorial


Use those plugins to make your building life more easier


I could see from the window on the top, but I haven’t watched the film in ages so I wasn’t entirely sure XD.


Okay, I’ll check them out sometime. Thanks for these!


Pretty simple, but I can see how this would be useful for new builders


Thanks, if you’d like to see a few more pictures, you can find some on my portfolio.

I know this seems like a obvious question, but wouldn’t turning collisions off make the player be able to just waltz right through the creation? Or are you talking about temporarily placement to get the perfect positioning?



So in studio, when you click collisions to disable it, that only is for studio; What I mean is that you can drag or resize things through other blocks and whatnot, however, when playing, you won’t be able to walk through things. In order to make it so players can walk through everything, you would have to check something called CanCollide, which can be found inside of the selected part’s properties. So in conclusion, if CanCollide is checked in the part, then the player won’t be able to walk through it. If you uncheck it, then the player will be able to walk through it.


Oh ok. Thanks, I’m still a bit new to this (only been on the DevForum for 20 minutes) :sweat_smile:


Sure, no problem. If you need any more help feel free to contact me. :+1:

Pretty good tutorial, although I knew all of this already :stuck_out_tongue: But thank you for contributing this information to some members that may be less knowledgeable in this topic :+1: