DevEx now shows your estimated eligible balance

Hey creators,

Developer Exchange (DevEx) now shows a more accurate estimate for earned Robux before you initiate a cash out.

Cashing out has been an important yet time-consuming activity for creators. The experience on Creator Hub has been quite hidden as well. Previously, we didn’t inform you of eligible Robux that you could cash out, and would deny that month’s request when you are not above the minimum bar, even when it looks like you are. We want to fix this experience so that this crucial workflow feels as straightforward as possible and you can better understand your finances.

Keeping Track of Cashing Out

In DevEx, you can now see an estimate of your eligible Robux before you even start the process.

This allows you to be more confident that you’re above the threshold, as well as gives you more accurate estimates on what the amount will actually be.

There are a few caveats to this system:

  • Your current eligible Robux estimate is based on your earnings history and previous DevEx requests.
  • This figure updates daily, but due to processing requirements, this estimate may lag by about three days and requesting this amount is not a guarantee of a completed DevEx request.
  • You may request to DevEx more than your current eligible estimate if you believe the estimate is less than your total earned Robux.
  • See DevEx FAQ for more information.

The terms of use for DevEx are unchanged, but we will continue to iterate on the DevEx process as it is such a crucial part of the platform for so many creators and businesses.

Please let us know what you think!

The Creator Success Team


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Excellent update but I found a bug, it tells me that all the robux are eligible for dev ex when it’s not like that because I bought some of them, in addition in another account wich i bought a low pack robux some time ago it tell me that the robux are all DevEx eligible when they are not, i don’t think at this point this system is working fine.


Once again Jed’s team cooked! This is a great update and should stop the confusion that some people face when their DevEx request is declined for this reason even though it seems like they are eligible. Glad to see more improvements to the Cash Out system on the Creator Hub.


Yes, great update. I always wondered how much i could cash out, it turns out I’m over halfway there, and I’ve only been deving for 4 and a half years. :sunglasses:

Something seems off with this image though. I feel that there should be some soft of blue circle outline around the image, that fills up based off of how much you have elgible.
Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 12.41.58 PM


Great Update!

Although this should’ve always existed, it’s never too late to make a feature like this.


a nice idea would be to fill it from the bottom up depending on the percentage


If the estimated amount is below 30k (the minimum) can a Devex request still be sent? I’d hate to rely on an automated estimate as a gatekeeper, moreso if it lags by 3 days.


What determines whether robux is eligible, how is this calculated? I have much more eligible than I would have expected, I’m sitting on years of lifetime premium stipends and only 6 months worth are considered ineligible.


maybe look at your My Transactions page - that’s what i did when my total was higher than expected. in my case, it turns out that most of that number for me were various group payouts.


Have the same thing too. Most of my robux rn is robux bought/got from gift cards and its showing as eligible


The idea behind the update is good, but the implementation is hard to gauge. I understand that the system must be far more complicated than we’d expect, but I’d love for it to be as simple as telling how much I can devex.

I assume Roblox tracks how the robux is gained and that system is used before transferring devex processing stuff, so why can’t that be used here?


This is a welcome change! It’s much clearer now how much of my total Robux is available to cash out.

It’d be nice to see the Robux indicator on the DevEx cash out page also updated to prevent it from changing my total available balance when typing. It’s only a minute detail, but it’s really inconvenient, especially on mobile, to not have this figure always visible.


Hi, can you message me the account id of the other account that you think has incorrect data?

I checked your current account’s data and I believe that it is correct.


Hi can you message me how much you think should be eligible? I would like to take a look at your situation.


Finally!! I was just expecting this in some update!


Its a pretty cool update i guess. But im still investigating the new even you are doing. I will investigate every single words of this text maybe you hided a secret word :eyes:


This was much needed, glad we finally got it! Hope to continue to see improvements to the DevEx process to make it more transparent and seamless.


I’ve wanted this change for years, so this day will go down in history for me and likely many other developers. Thank you so much


Let me look into this. I might have accidentally changed the behavior here.