Devex, will I be accepted?

Hi, tomorrow I will be able to submit my first devex request :smiley:
but I’m rather concerned I will not get accepted because account issues that happened in 2012-13, you see I was scammed and other users were on my account trying to threaten other users through my private messages. I was just wondering if this would get me declined or would they be able to forgive as it was 8 years ago?



It will depend if you had action taken on your account (if you were banned) and if it’s still on record. If it was in 2012, and you’ve complied with the ToS ever since, you will probably be safe. This topic is not for developers to decide though, and it’s purely up to Roblox. If I were you, I’d just wait and see.

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I was never banned as farr as im aware, i’ve not even been warned for atleast 5 years, so i dont see why i should have this held against me. Sorry i understand im just slightly concerned that i will not be accepted.

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I can definitely understand the worry and I can remember feeling exactly the same when I submitted my first DevEx. In the end it is impossible for any of us to know however if it gives you some peace of mind I personally doubt this would disqualify you – People have DevExed after worse things have happened and given the fact this was unintentional and such a long time ago makes me think they wouldn’t hold it against you.

All you can really do at this point is wait and try not to worry! If the DevEx is declined this wouldn’t necessarily be the end. You can still engage with them and be upfront and honest and try and work towards a solution.


Thanks for the reply, yes its just worrying as im not sure and id like to buy a new pc with it so its all dependent on getting accepted. Just have to hope lol.

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Good luck with it. I know some people who weren’t able to DevEx for stuff they got in trouble for recently I don’t think they care about stuff over 1 year.


I am going to say that your chances of being accepted are 99%


As long as you don’t have any recent bans or warnings from recently, then it won’t affect.

However, this doesn’t go for all situations. If something major was to happen from a couple years back, they will still investigate it but in your case, I definitely think they’ll let you devEx.

Roblox will most likely search through your entire history. Every warn, every ban, every transaction on your account. Remember, this is real money and for a lot of users it is a huge amount. They will be making sure that the developers they are paying are legitimate.

If you are declined, I’m pretty sure it is either you are straight declined, or they will reconsider you in a years time. I’m not sure how it works, but I know that if you are declined there is a chance that they will reconsider you. They will also tell you (summarised into a few words) the reason you were declined.

If you’ve done nothing wrong, then you won’t be declined. However, they will only accept you at their own discretion (if they don’t want to accept you for whatever negative past history you have, then they most likely won’t). If you scammed someone, got banned for something serious, have sketchy transactions (trades etc) or have just been a significant nuisance to moderation in general you will probably get declined.

(Disclaimer: I have no idea how the acceptance system really works, what I’m saying could easily be incorrect. But from my own experience and what I know of from others, this is my take on it.)

I suggest you read the FAQ:


i genuinely don’t believe the devex team is that strict. when i first devexed, i had gotten a DMCA strike from nintendo and they had taken my game down + roblox gave me a warning on my account. after i got that warning i got accepted for devex even though i had gotten a warning right before i decided to do it. the devex team sees warnings/bans as a chance to improve. conflicts from 7 years ago i don’t think they really care about.


Roblox is incredibly unforgiving with rule-breakers. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll be accepted, because of your past ToS infraction.

Thank you all for the feedback, it all seems positive so i hope i do get accepted :slight_smile:


Probably, don’t think they care too much about all that stuff but it’ll be considered.

I just requested my devex, Ill let you all know how it goes :smiley:

** I accidentally requested my 450 from premium, this will not lead to me being declined, right?

Unfortunately this may result in it being declined; you can only DevEx earned Robux.

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Many people on this post have basic knowledge of DevEx, and I have a feeling many of the replies here aren’t coming from experience or have any real backing. You will be fine, your money should process successfully.

I would pay attention mostly to what @LegendOJ1, @PolyCrunch, @alexthecool600, @RVVZ, and myself say at the moment. Roblox is generally forgiving in the long run.

When I first DevEx’d, I actually had gotten moderated 8 times earlier that year for various reasons. Even after that, I was just fine.

I hope I brought your mind to ease with this reply, I often see devs like you worry over past infractions. Again, you don’t have much to worry about. As alexcool said above, you have a 99% of getting accepted.


Roblox staff manually go through your robux history. Having 450 from premium will not have a negative impact, especially since you need a minimum of 100K. That means at most, that premium money would make up 0.45% of that revenue.


Yeah as I said, surely they would forgive me accidentally putting an extra 400 on from robux I purchased , if it was an issue they would just give me the 100k worth not the 100,450?

Thank you though


They should do the full 100K. It would be a weird scenario for them to choose the amount you cash out.

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I e-mailed them a week ago, 3 days later they cancelled the devex so i could put the full and correct amount.

Today, i wake up with a message saying i was rejected, i’m now not sure what to do as i was relying on this devex to buy a PC instead of struggling on a laptop.

I’ve submitted a new request hoping that i get accepted this time around.