DevForum Community Server - Frequently Asked Questions


In this FAQ we hope to explain the most asked questions regarding Roblox Developer Forum and our Community. After the introduction of the “New Member” system in the Forum, it was decided that they would not be allowed in the Member’s server for security and privacy reasons. Therefore, this community was created, with the objective of housing any kind of productive and cooperative activities.

This community is meant to be a friendly environment dedicated to mutual growth of the individuals here. Despite being targeted at the interests of New Members, regular members are allowed and encouraged to join use as well.

You can view our rules here. Members of the Developer Forum may read more about our server in our invitation thread.

I. Am I already a Member of the Developer Forum?

To check your “Trust Level”, go to your profile, which can be accessed by clicking the Top Right Corner icon with your avatar then going to your Summary. There you should click “Expand” and you’ll see something like this:

If it says “Trust Level Member” or “New Member” you are a member of the Developer Forum. If you cannot see the “Trust Level” property, you are still a visitor.

II. How can I join the Developer Forum?

As of 2019 the admission system is based solely on merit, in other words, if you frequently go on the Forum and generally show interest for Development sections, the system will automatically recognize you as a Developer and you will be invited to join us. It’s important to keep in mind that randomly liking or skimming through posts to pretend you’re engaging with the site will not get you accepted.

If you want to read more or are still confused about something, you can continue reading here: How to join the Roblox Developer Forum - remade by a fellow member.

III. What is the New Member Program?

When the automation system recognizes users as Developers, all of these that were accepted are placed in the New Member role. From there, they have to display to the Top Contributors that they’re mature and knowledgeable enough to be promoted up to Member. The New Member role is restricted to certain sections of the Developer Forum. You can read more about it here.

IV. I am a New Member, how can I become a Member?

The criteria to be made a Member is quite simple actually, these are four things essential for the promotion:

  • contribute to discussions;
  • fill bug reports and suggestions;
  • avoid unproductive replies/discussions and
  • always keep in mind that we demand top quality posts.

There was recently an update to this policy, which is why we recommend you read this thread: Updated process for achieving "Regular" on the DevForum.

V. I changed my Roblox username and now I can’t see anything!

The verification bot checks for your page on the Developer Forums which does not update automatically. To fix this issue, just log out of the Forums and back in two to three times and it should resolve your issue.

VI. Can I be accepted into the Developer Forum Roblox group?

You will only be able to join the group if you are a Member of the DevForum. The community group is automated and will simply require you to send a join request to be accepted or ranked up. Within the same day of your join request the bot should accept/rank you up in the group. For more information, read this thread.

VII. Why are there only a few channels?

To access the server you must be a verified Member of the Developer Forum, if you have any trouble verifying, send me a direct message.

VIII. Can you make me a member?

Unfortunately this decision is not up to our moderators. Although this server has a moderation team, it is entirely community ran and powered by you. Our moderation and community engagement teams are composed by Forum members, not Roblox Staff. Therefore, we cannot accept, invite, promote or moderate users on the Developer Forum.

IX. Can you help me with moderation or Roblox issues?

Unfortunately we are not able to help you with such problems. Please note that we are not Roblox Staff and can’t help you with any issues that you have on the Website and/or the Engine.

Instead, please contact the official support channels.

If you have any other questions feel free to send me a direct message.


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