Devforum Is No Longer Helpful

If newer people are allowed onto this fourm, so are more scammers, exploiters looking to take builds you’re just displaying for feedback and etc.

I’ve had to wait months for my application/in order to be accepted into this fourm.

Why cant roblox just redirect the newer users to a mini fourm such as Scripting Helpers ? I used it couple years ago when I just started programming it’s pretty useful.

Scripting Helpers is for scripting questions only + it is unofficial. For ethical reasons many users would prefer something official like the developer forum. And overall redirecting someone to somewhere else is just terrible ux


Ah, welp I just started using this fourm after a year, this must be something a recently implemented? I heard this on another post or so.

@Chordily I’d just have a team for development in the future that’s trustworthy, good and etc. So this fourm could be no longer your concern.

I’m a solo dev, I don’t really work as a team for financial/management or other reasons such as organization.

I agree with the fact that the professionalism of the developer forum has most definitely dropped since it became simpler to join.

Whilst I don’t believe that applications should be revived, I do believe that the entry requirements should be higher than what they are now.

Completely wrong, I only joined the forum a few weeks ago and I found hundreds of solutions for my problems. I don’t know where your getting this invalid information from but it just seems your sightly unlucky in what your trying to achieve.


Look. I joined when it was opened to the public. You wanna take a look at my posts? wanna tell me that my builds are made by someone who ‘doesn’t know what they are doing’. Wanna try my tutorials and tell me that ‘They aren’t helpful’?

Classing the reason that the forum has gone downhill simply because it was opened to the public is not a very constructive one.

Simply stating that ‘people have no grammar’ with no evidence is also not very helpful.
personally, i’ve seen one person use R and U, and no one paid much attention to them.

so whats the big problem?

OP wanted to use the fact that not everyone’s first language is English as proof the forum is going downhill when that just isn’t true :confused:

I honestly felt kinda personally attacked because it isn’t my first language either and I regularly speak with people who don’t speak English at all or do not have the opportunity to learn amount of English I got to learn.

I believe the forum is doing just fine. except for #discussion

OP and literally anyone can flag any bad posts since it’s not like 10000000 new members who have

in a single topic.

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Roblox wants NEW DEVELOPERS to be able to use it as well as experienced ones, also grammar doesn’t seems to be much of a problem as long as you can understand what they are trying to say, having this closed up to well known developers only hinders newer developers from using the resources the dev forum provides, a simple application can’t tell how good a developer is, usually if you want good info you are likely to find it from regulars in discussion, not to say members who use the forum less don’t contribute as well as they can still be great developers, honestly, I think you are just angry about you getting accepted then the application process being removed when you had to work for it, the dev forums has a way to make sure the majority of people who use it are actually interested in developing.


Personally, I’m newer to Lua. I’ve been programming for a few years with other languages (took long breaks from here and there), and from my experience, the DevForum has been quite helpful.

I do not want to sound “elitist” or that I’m better than everybody else, but I do agree with your points. I didn’t fill out an application, but I do feel like that would be a much better alternative than reading DevForum posts all day.

Also, I share your pains with people being an idiot on the devforums saying “u should join bro” and “r u ok dude” and such. I find it obnoxious and most of those comments do not provide anything. Some people on the forums do appear to be younger than 13, regardless of the rules.

TL:DR I agree, applications good, poor English bad.

I agree, we should go back to how the DevForum was in 2015, when people were helpful and discussions were better.


No hold on I’m sure there’s good discussion somewhere

Oh no…

Any perception of the DevForum just now being like this is because of an influx of new people, not because it used to be better. More posters = more garbage, that’s how it goes. Unless you want to argue that the DevForum should be a closed community (which is elitest), this is just How It Be.


Applications for sure aren’t coming back anytime soon. That was the old process like mentioned but there was a lot of backlog so devrel decided to change the process so it would let anyone in that had sufficient amount of read time.

um im p sure u can provide valuable info if ur informal, so from now on ima type like dis cuz ur wrong

some might be, altho u cant say every1 is, cuz like i said some ppl’s first language isnt english so lets not assume stuff

This deserves more formality. Because this crosses the line. Is this thread really going to start attacking users who can’t speak English to the fullest capability?


A lot of what the OP claims to be as ‘problems’ just rant about people’s imperfections which have been amongst humanity since the beginning of time.

Nobody is perfect when it comes to spelling.
Nobody has all the time in the world, which is why you get typos and shortened grammar.

When you have somebody that says something like this:

“hi how r u lolz im amazing xd”

pretty sure u could read this and the above sentense

Like nobody’s first language is english, and not everyone has enough time to write a reply.
Don’t list suggestions when you haven’t even attempted to fix anything.

And the builds found in the collaboration section aren’t always bad, some are pretty decent and have a good potential to be successful. Take some time to read some of them.

Professionalism? It doesn’t seem professional to rant about a dilemma to your use of this forum if you haven’t tried fixing it at any of your expense.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make a post yourself about it. Bam, there’s a post on what you need made by YOU.

I don’t think this train of threads went off the track, more like it started controversy instead of rolling off the track and injuring it’s passengers lol


Regardless of your English skills, you should attempt to appear professional.

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Yeah as if it were that easy

Many people are born in and/or grow up in a country where English is not the main language, and they get their education there, and they just grow up around people who are speaking that non-English language. I am really confused as to why you think this is a bad thing :confused:

I’m not saying that you should be a professional, but you should attempt to use English to the best you can. I don’t think saying stuff like “u r so cool plz frend me” is attempting to appear professional.

And that is what these people do, using English the best they can.

Most of the time the informal users who do u r so cool plz frend me are likely good at English and just aren’t putting in the effort.

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Which is my point, they aren’t putting in effort.


Don’t cherry-pick my statements.

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