Devforum looks different

Description: The devforum looks different on the home page of the forum. The categories are stretched out instead of having less width but more in height

Start date: today (9-7-2021) after the maintenance

Screen shot:

Repro steps: Go to and you will view the bug 100% of the time


If it was after the maintenance it’s probably intentional - likely a Discourse update.

Isn’t a bug, it’s an update they did.

@LegendOJ1 @Avtixe I don’t think it is part of an update because last time the forum was on maintenance it looked like this but then they put it back to normal so I don’t think its a bug.

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I really hope this is a bug because I really like being able to see the most recent topics in a category without having to click on it.

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We’re aware thank you – in general when you see this you can assume we’ve done that to temporarily lessen the load on the forum database while we’re debugging issues. This view doesn’t touch the topics table (only categories) and therefore is much cheaper to render a response for. This is the most visited page on the forum (every user hits this page when they go to hence this helps us with bridging the gap while we debug performance issues.

It will be restored later today or early tomorrow.