DevForum's server response time is slow


DevForum is taking several seconds to serve root document, tested with both session and no session, speeds from 1.5 seconds to 5+. Started noticing some weeks ago, and it hasn’t resolved for me.

Recently I’ve noticed how DevForum has become slower, at least to me. It’s taking several seconds for the page to load in, and that’s just not a good user experience.

Testing on my local machine (default browser Chrome, in addition to Edge w/o any extensions, tested both while logged in and not), the response times range from 1.5 seconds to 5.4 seconds, and that’s just for the server to respond back with the root document, this is slow! Not sure whether it’s something on my machine or not, but I also tested it on my phone and the speeds are similar.

I also tested using GTMetrix which is a service testing the performance of a website, here are two separate reports saying the loading times are both 2.9 and 3.8 seconds:

Has anyone else noticed the same issues?

Video for those who wonder what it feels like:


I’ve noticed that this has been an issue for a longer while now, especially during the weekends and the evenings during the week. It’s more than likely tied to the user traffic. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon.


Yes, this has been an issue since the display names thread. The average response time is significantly higher than most websites:

Here’s an automated graph showing the issue in depth:

I’m not sure why this started then, but it was never really a problem until after the display names thread.


It takes even longer when you want to log back into the forum:

Time: ~ 5.35s, time varies


I have been experiencing this since around early March, and I do not know why it became so slow. It now takes ~4 seconds to refresh a page.

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Started noticing this about a week or two ago, thought this was just me as my Wi-Fi can be spotty sometimes but I guess not.


I was gonna make a post about this, the devforum is really, really slow. Painfully slow even compared to random websites. They should look into improving their infrastructure.

And I definitely have noticed this slow-down. To this day, this is still an issue.
I feel like today in specific, it isn’t as slow, but it’s … ehh.


I’d disagree, I think the DevForum has better response times (ping) than the actual Roblox site (108ms average on, 19ms average on

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Well I’m not to far from Canada, (not Vancouver though I’m semi-close to Toronto.) and I have no issues with it. After checking it’s performance speeds on mobile and desktop with a plugin this is what I found:
It scored an 88 on mobile page speeds, which is decent. Fast would be a 90 though.
On desktop it scored a 94:
94 is pretty fast.
The website scored a 61 on mobile and a 84 on desktop, slower then the DevForum. Though, this might be due to my location.

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I would have to say otherwise. There is a noticeable lag time when reloading the page on the forum compared to It’s not as largely a problem as some others have had in earlier replies but there is that lag that still exists.

Reload time is different then response time. The more code and html you have on a page, the more time it takes to reload. On the roblox website it reloads faster, but the game icons on fully load after a little while. On the DevForum one, it loads everything after the page has reloaded.

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So to test which one is slower than the other, would it be like entering the website from a clear search? Or going from different pages in each website (like forum, thread to thread and Roblox, profile to avatar shop)? Thanks for the heads up though.

I know DevForum is slow since I joined. But a few days ago there were some weird things as request timeout.

First error

And this

I waited for this to open at least 1 minute as far as I remember.

Probably the best way would be to get a website/plug-in that tests the speed of the sites, then compare them(like I did above). I don’t know if there is a equivalent way to test going from thread to thread and compare this to roblox going into a different tab. It also depends on location, I’m closer to New York then some people(certainly the OP) and I’m pretty sure that roblox has servers in New York.

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The load time on the DevForum is increased compared to the roblox website:

It has better performance after loading though.
The roblox website has fast loading time but worse performance after loading. I conducted these tests from CA which is closer to the OP’s location then where I am. As you can see the roblox website only loads 1mb of data, yet the DevForum home loads 120+ mb of data, which is a big difference.


Not sure if comparing with is that interesting – they’re clearly backed by different frameworks/software and one is a full Single Page Application (SPA) (the devforum), and the other is only partially SPA. The SPA site is naturally going to be slower on first load because it has to load in all the resources but will react faster after that on the same tab.

The initial load of the devforum is quite long yeah, though I noticed it tends to be that way with most Discourse forums, so not sure if this is a networking issue or just the fact that Discourse is entirely SPA and very beefy on the FE side.


Google Page Speed measures the page speed itself, and takes into a lot of metrics. This topic is related to the response time from the server.

Here you can see how the first contentful paint is 8.9 seconds, recommended is <3.

Sometimes, accessing the DevForum is impossible…



Those aren’t the only errors though.

Staff to the rescue!


We’re aware and working on these issues, thanks for your patience.


I was gonna talk about that, this happened around 1AM (12PM for people in most of the US), for the last two days.

First time that happened, it started at 1am, then stayed down until 3:30AM or so, after that it came back up, but then around 4:30AM it got down again, and I saw reports of it still being down at 6AM or so?..

The second time it pretty much died at 1am until like 2:30Am or something, then came back up, and I don’t remember it being down again after that.

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