Device Icons Beside Player Names in ESC Menu

On Roblox, have you ever tried to chat with another user just to realize they are on console or be on console with someone trying to talk to you and think you’re just ignoring them?

Well, I think it would be a good idea if Roblox were to add device icons beside players’ names in the ESC menu (and maybe the playerlist) to be able to see what device each user is using. This would help with being able to know what device someone is using to properly know if they can use chat or have only touch controls.

I think this would help a lot on the Roblox platform now that it is expanding to new devices like the Meta Quest and the PlayStation. I’d like to know what my friends are using when I join them! What do you think? Would this be a good idea?


100% support. Though, before this, they NEED to add an option to hide display names, because in older games that display usernames, it’s ugly.

I don’t typically have this problem with console, but I do want to sometimes know when a user is on mobile or not so I can assume the right lag stereotype (I hope this isn’t controversial) and debug my own experiences without them naming their platform.


For other use cases, I think it would be more justified. Roblox’s plan is to have chat on Xbox and PlayStation, it’s just quite difficult. So, this solution for the use case in the OP could be a short term fix to that problem, but Roblox is usually about the long term. (You can’t get to long term without short-term, but I digress.)

People can also turn off chat in the settings menu of Roblox, so going solely off of device to know if someone is ignoring you isn’t getting the full picture.


I have custom nametags that show this information to avoid social issues in my game, since it is a very social experience. I think it’s important that this information is shown somewhere because it adds a lot of implicit understanding of what the other person is likely capable of.

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The social aspect isn’t the only thing this would be useful for imo. It could also help with knowing what features one user has from another. Could also have an API to show what device the user is on (Computer, Phone, Tablet, Console, VR-standalone) to allow for different UI layouts depending on what device you are using

They want you to base that off of the last used input device; a computer can have a touch screen, a tablet can have a controller attached, a console can have a keyboard and mouse plugged in

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i think it would be a great idea since it looks like i ignore a lot of people
because i don’t have chat, but there are some games that have that tho

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I am aware they do, but what about if you want certain displays to have certain layouts? Have console have a specific menu that works better for controller as it will be mainly used but still usable with keyboard and have mobile have more touch-friendly displays. You can also use it for scaling depending on if your display is a faraway TV (console), close-by monitor (PC), or a tablet/phone (mobile). Relying on the screen resolution isn’t always the best approach for that. Also, yes, I am aware of GuiService:IsTenFootInterface(), but what about telling apart PC and mobile?

I highly recommend developers always ensure that the current control method shows the correct controls if displayed or to enable/disable certain things for what input method. However, it would be nice to know what device is used for other reasons; especially with settings to reduce lag automatically and such.

But on terms of the icons in the menu; it would be useful for the social aspect so you can tell what the person’s device is. Kinda like how VRChat has PC, Quest, and Mobile separated. It would be useful for knowing what that person is limited to/what features the person’s device has