Device performance checking API, tells the difference between a slow computer and a super computer

As a developer is it very difficult to check whether someone can handle your game correctly.

Because of this, i cant teleport low end devices to smaller servers to improve their gameplay experience.

If there was an API that would give us details on whether a device can handle our game easily or lags continuesly,

In the game that i work on (Plane Crazy), there could be 500 parts to 60.000 parts in a server and that is a LOT for low end devices, by teleporting them to a smaller server with around 1000 parts, they could easily play the game and not crash instantly by joining one of the bigger servers and disliking the game after quitting forever.

It would also help if this was an extra value in the teleportservice, this could allow developers to instantly use the service by adding 1 value.

It would also be great if this would become standard for the play button aswell, as an example:
A low end user clicks the play button and roblox tries to get him in a random server,

The roblox client detects that his device cant really handle a lot in physics and rendering,

The roblox client sends the low end device to a small server it can handle instead.

It would improve the gameplay experience by a lot by teleporting low end devices to smaller servers instead of massive servers with tons of parts causing them to crash instantly.