DevLog #1: Clans of Chaos

Hey everyone this is my DevLog for my up-and-coming game, “Clans of Chaos”. The game is scheduled to release into Alpha on October 1st, and we already have a small but excited community around the game! This DevLog is for those who want consistent updates on the Pre-Alpha development of the game. Enjoy!

If you want more information regarding the community or anything else, you can join this group: Clans of Chaos Official Community

Anyways, below are some sections you can scroll through to catch up on what Clans of Chaos is, and where it’s at right now.

Brief Description

Clans of Chaos (CLoC for short) is centered around clan warfare and teamwork. When a player joins the game, they have the ability to create their own clan and build it from the ground up, or join an existing clan in that server already. Clans have a ton of different statistics and properties to mess around with (clan’s color, name, member list, gold, rank, etc.). The game takes place on a massive 4000 stud by 4000 stud brickbattle-themed map, with even more sections and realms expected to be added in the future. Clan Leaders can visit the Clan Tier Shop and purchase tiers which provide more health for clan members and better weapons to use to fight with. On the map are two major objectives; checkpoints and money wells. Checkpoints give a one-time reward of gold and respect once captured, and money wells give gold to the clan occupying it every ten seconds.

While there are objectives and incentives when playing, I ultimately wanted to create a game which was largely driven by the community and player base. There aren’t too many strategies or secrets on how to lead a successful clan, and clans have a high level of customizability, leaving clan leaders a lot of freedom on how they want to lead their clan: With consideration and respect, or ruthlessness and violence!

More in-depth explanation of certain game mechanics

Clans are what the entire game revolves around. When a player joins a game, they have the ability to create their own clan, or join a clan already established in that server. A clan has several properties, some which can be customized and some that cannot:

  • Clan Name (Customizable)
  • Clan Leader (Not Customizable)
  • Stat Values (gold, respect, rank, tier) (Not Customizable)
  • Clan Color (Customizable)
  • Clan Members (Customizable)

These are the major properties in the game right now, however once Alpha releases, you can expect many more!

Clan leader’s data will save when they leave a game, however everyone in that clan will be automatically kicked out and they will have to find another to clan to join, or create their own.

Each clan has a unique ID that can never be reused by another clan. This makes it easy when searching for a clan, especially if multiple clans have the same name in a server. All you have to do is ask the clan leader for the id, head over to the the area where you search for clans, look for the name and correct ID, and join!


The Clan Tier Shop allows clan leaders to purchase “tiers” for their clan which boosts every clan member’s health, as well as giving them better weapons to fight and defend with. As of right now, 5 tiers are expected to be added for the game’s launch, and by the time the game reaches Beta, the game will have 10 to 20 tiers. I want to get to a point where the game has up to 100 tiers all with different weapons to use!

Checkpoints and Money Wells

Checkpoints are large flags on various areas of the map which when captured, gives the controlling clan 3000 gold and 500 respect points. If this checkpoint was controlled by a previous clan, that clan will lose 300 respect points. If that clan no longer has anymore checkpoints controlled on the map, they will lose 25% of all their gold and respect.

Money Wells give a clan 2000 gold when first captured, and then 1000 gold every 10 seconds that clan controls it. Money Wells are generally much more abundant than Checkpoints.

How Things Work

This section is for those wondering about the behind-the-scenes of certain things in the game.

Clan Data

Clan data is saved and loaded using ProfileService. When a player joins a server, their data is loaded. A function is called which creates a folder inside the player which will hold all of the player’s clan statistics (name, who the leader is, gold amount, etc.). After that, each value inside this folder is assigned to the corresponding key in the data table loaded from ProfileService. For example, a player’s clan stats’ gold value would be assigned to whatever value gold is inside the player’s profile from ProfileService.

When a player leaves a game, the code determines whether or not they are a clan leader by checking their data’s clanLeader value. If this value is equal to the player’s name that is leaving, that player is the clan leader of whatever clan they are in, and it needs to be saved. Every value from a player’s clan stats folder is saved into the profile from ProfileService except for the members list. This is because we don’t want the clan leader to leave, and the clan then be leaderless, as that would prevent the clan from accessing tiers or getting rid of unwanted clan members. It’s better to just kick everyone from the clan and have them find a new clan to join, or create their own.

If the leaving player is not a clan leader, they will be automatically kicked from the clan (we wouldn’t want them joining another server and being in clan from the past server they were in, as this wouldn’t allow the player to progress) and every clan member’s clan stats folder would be updated, containing the new member list (remember the folder we created earlier when a player first joined the game?).

How the Game Searches for Clans

There is a feature in the game that allows players to search for clans using a list of all current clans in the server they are in, view some of that clan’s information (name, leader, respect, etc.), and then join it. You may be wondering: “What if two clans have the same exact name? How will the player know which one to look for?”

When a player creates a clan, a new ID for the clan is generated. This ID can never be repeated or reused for any other clan, making it a truly unique ID. When a player opens up the search screen, a list of all the clans with their name and ID displayed will be visible. The player simply needs to look for the name of the clan, as well as the ID of it, click on the “More Info” button and then they can view the clan’s information and join!

Tier Shop

The tier shop works by displaying each tier in the tier shop screen. A player can then click on the “More Info” button to bring up information about that tier, as well as the ability to purchase it. When a player clicks this “More Info” button, a remote event is fired to the server which passes the tier number as an argument through. The server script does a few sanity checks and then accesses a module script which holds all of the tiers and their information (how much health each tier has, weapons, cost). It then sends this information back to the client and displays it on their “More Info Screen” for that tier.

When a player clicks the “purchase” button for a tier, a remote event is once again fired to the server with the tier they want to purchase. The server does a few sanity checks and then changes the player’s health to whatever that tier was, and gives the appropriate weapons.

Community Details and Credits

Below are links leading to the official game and the group. I will warn you that the actual game is not updated to the most current version of the game, as this version usually undergoes testing in the testing realm game. Also below are some people who really helped out a lot and continue to support me everyday.

Clans of Chaos Game
Clans of Chaos Official Community Roblox Group


  • NatyNoob: Game thumbnail and icon designer
  • OriginalKing_Noob: Group icon designer
  • SuperBoyIndy: Lead Tester

Here’s what I’ve gotten done and can show you all regarding the objective system:

Here’s a little demo of the clan system:

Youtube links if the ones above don’t work:
Clan Objective System Showcase
Clan System Showcase

Next update to this DevLog will include map updates, tier system showcasing, and more!

If you seem interested in this project, feel free to join the community group and get involved. I am looking for testers currently, so if you’re interested let me know. Also, if you have any feedback on the concept of the game or want to give any input, please do as I’m always looking for new things to add to the game’s agenda. Thanks!


Oooooh! This seems like a nice project!

I have a question though, don’t you have any worries about groups dominating a server?

I mean that in the way that there would be a majority of the server on one clan, making it hard to do anything without joining them. That is, unless you make servers have more then 60 players, which sounds like a burrito incident localized entirely within your game.

Hey thanks for your interest! Each server is in fact going to have a maximum amount of 60 players, so there shouldn’t be an issue with clans dominating servers as there are enough slots for two full clans. I can understand how it might get laggy with possibly 60 people on a server at once, however I am working on heavily optimizing the game, and since this post I have reworked a couple of things with the clan system which will make it more reliable in handling player’s data in large servers.

My testers and I are also constantly testing the game, and so far I haven’t had any reports of extreme lag or frame rate drop. Thanks for your feedback!

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This is really cool keep up the good work! :smiley:

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