Clans of Chaos: Release!

If you haven’t seen the devlogs, here they are:
DevLog 1
DevLog 2

The game is finally released and you can play it and test it out here: Clans of Chaos [Alpha] - Roblox

We have a great community and they are pretty active as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey, you game is really cool, i like it
Some things that can be improved

  1. Lag, im at 1 fps sometimes
  2. The UI, on the CloC book think, some of the buttons block the words

Questions, how do i go back to the place i spawned so i can see the how to play?

Thanks for the feedback. The UI scaling is being worked on and to return to spawn you just have to reset.

As for the lag, I haven’t gotten any reports of it so could you tell me when you lag and for how long?

Ngl it looks decent. Not bad or good, just decent. Ui could use some work, maybe make it more modern and make the ui cornered. Also make the ui match like instead of having 2-3 fonts just use 1. Makes it look better overall.

Thanks for the feedback. The style of the game is going for more of a retro-roblox look with some more modernized assets, but I can definitely take a look at the Ui. Thanks!

Since im on mobile, its easier for me to lag, but I get lag spikes randomly