Dialog/chat scales poorly based off of resolution

Essentially, Dialog/DialogChoices and chat do not scale appropriately to screen resolution. This results in mobile devices and devices with smaller screens to experience odd clipping/cutting off of text.

Example of dialog cutting off completely

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (courtesy of AutumnFletcher)

My Roblox Studio window size - all of it is there!

Example of chat overlapping/scaling poorly

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (courtesy of AutumnFletcher) - good golly, too big!

My Roblox Studio window size - inconsistent positioning!

Xbox One Emulation - too small, but good positioning!

In Conclusion

  • Make Dialog/DialogChoices/Chat more consistent in their positioning/scaling despite different resolutions
  • Create a system that allows Dialog/DialogChoices/Chat to overflow instead of cutting off based off of resolution
  • HOWEVER… Dialog/DialogChoices/Chat cutting off on mobile is the bigger issue of the two

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. I searched for this all over the DevForum and could not find any pre-existing posts/reports about this.


This bug is no longer relevant once new bubble chat comes out:

It will be present with the old system, but ya’ll should likely move over to the new one.

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