Dialouge System Similar to Field Trip Z

Me and my friend are working on a camping game and we are currently working on the dialouge system. One feature we want to have is a feature that Field Trip Z has, where instead of it just being an image of the character, it is as if there is a camera in front of the player and you can actually see them moving. Does anyone know how I could acheive this?


can you please show video? —

Sure, give me a minute to find an example

- YouTube – not my video, if you skim through it there are plenty of examples. (I am not familiar with some programs like gyazo sorry)

This game using ViewportFrames.

Thank you, im going to go look up some videos on them.

got a system working, thanks for the help

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I recommend you read about WorldModel in the DevHub
With it you will be able to animate characters inside ViewportFrames

do you see animation in ViewportFrame?


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wow, you did it really fast. Can you show me how you did it?

A combination of youtube tutorials and this dev form post

thank you! :grinning:----------

also if you solved the problem, can I get solution? :grin:

Try importing that rbxm file to roblox. I am going to be taking it apart to use it in the dialouge systems similar to Field Trip Z;

I dont understand what you are you talking about

I dont know English good and translator is bad

In the post i sent, there is a rbxm file, if you download it, open studio then drag it in, it will be in your roblox studio.

CharacterViewport.rbxm (4.0 KB)

I already did it --------------(character limit)