Dialouge System Similar to Field Trip Z

got a system working, thanks for the help

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I recommend you read about WorldModel in the DevHub
With it you will be able to animate characters inside ViewportFrames

do you see animation in ViewportFrame?


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wow, you did it really fast. Can you show me how you did it?

A combination of youtube tutorials and this dev form post

thank you! :grinning:----------

also if you solved the problem, can I get solution? :grin:

Try importing that rbxm file to roblox. I am going to be taking it apart to use it in the dialouge systems similar to Field Trip Z;

I dont understand what you are you talking about

I dont know English good and translator is bad

In the post i sent, there is a rbxm file, if you download it, open studio then drag it in, it will be in your roblox studio.

CharacterViewport.rbxm (4.0 KB)

I already did it --------------(character limit)

drag this into roblox studio , can be empty baseplate whatever you want

I know how to do this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it helped let me know if you have any issues

no, everything works fine, thank you for letting me know about this

Your welcome, i am going to go to bed. Glad I could help

good night! :slightly_smiling_face: