Diamond County Roleplay hiring: Builders(1/2) Vehicle Modeler(0/1)

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About Us

Hello! I am mcox6 (aka Mike&Ike#8366 aka FrozenBananaGaming), the owner and current CEO of Diamond County Roleplay (DCRP). Our game Diamond County has been in development for 1 year now but we’ve recently decided to publish an official beta somewhere around 4 months ago. From there we have grown significantly in our discord user count and our game count (See for yourself here: DCRP: First Responder Roleplay - Roblox) and have recently released a revamped version of our game including new weapon mechanics, animations and brand new custom tuned vehicles. Our game was created to exceed the expectations of run of the mill “roleplay games” and to bring a whole new aspect of roleplay. A few examples that we strive for are realistic weapons, realistic damage (cars and weapon damage) and most importantly a realistic gameplay.

For more information or insight to what we are about, feel free to join our discord server: Diamond County
(Ps. if you like roleplay we’re open for new members and staff)

The dev team

Here at DCRP we like to treat our devs with respect while also keeping a decent workflow (to ensure we have updates on time and with expected features) and acknowledge that not everyone is available 24/7. I myself am quite understanding and I would be happy to make any devforum posts or help with any issues you may come across while developing (if I have any prior knowledge of it).

The Team
@reltraa - builder
@TheTrustedGamer - builder
@amenalolman - builder
@Bevzino - Tools/general objects modeler
@SorrynoobMMM - Clothing/apparel modeler (and general)
@Kamyczek25234 - Vehicle tuner
@xLegacy_i - Leadership Team
@Red_Kizer - Weapons/general objects modeler
@guitarme - Leadership Team

You can see our progress so far here: DCRP: First Responder Roleplay - Roblox

About The Job

Builder (One time commission)

So, for this job we’d be needing one thing. We’d need an event stage for our game! Here’s some reference photos and the space in which it will be placed.



(More details would be delivered as you make the build or if you’re accepted)

Here’s the space where we’d put the stage (Subject to change)

Maximum price

We’d pay up to 800 - 1k Robux for this stage. This is due to it being a one time commission and an open air stage. (Taxes would be covered)

Builder(Long term position)

As a long term builder you’d need to be able to make buildings similar in style to these builds:



we’d need different buildings such as houses, apartments, stores, federal buildings etc.

It may sound like a lot but I make sure to distribute the work amongst all of the builders!

Maximum price

We’d pay up to 800 - 1.2k Robux for each build.
This would obviously vary since someone builds are bigger than or smaller than others.

Vehicle Modeler(Long term)

As a vehicle modeler you’d need to make Custom vehicles in blender (Emphasizing this because many people use free models and customizes them) and is able to modify/ give proof of actual ownership (Once again I know it’s a lot but scammers love handing people free models for robux).

Here’s the type of cars you’d need to make:

Additionally you’d need to make trucks like firetrucks, garbage trucks and other type of vehicles such as cars and possibly motorcycles. (Cars would be the main focus though, so don’t stress since we won’t ask for trucks every week lol)

Important note

It’d be great if you know how to UV unwrap (Make skins for the vehicles you mesh), however if you can’t it’s totally fine :slight_smile:

Maximum price

We’d pay up to 1k- 2k Robux for each vehicle.
This would obviously vary since some vehicles are trucks and some are bikes.

Workflow, Expectations and Requirements

Expectations and Workflow


As the project manager I’d expect a few things from you as a dev

  • Clear communication in English (I do not mind if you struggle with English but please try your best).

  • Decent project times (For example, if I ask for a build I may give a week max for it to be completed. If it’s not completed I’d of course ask why. If it’s personal than it’s okay and I’ll give more time, but I give out timelines so we can have smooth updates and clean workflow).

  • Kindness to other members and developers. You don’t have to particularly Like anyone, but I do ask that you respect others and please keep it civil. Nobody want to work in a toxic development team.

  • If you become a developer it is expected (And iterated in our server) that you follow the rules set there. The rules are basically not to leak game features unless approved or stealing assets.

  • Here at DCRP to prevent asset stealing and destroying other’s work we ask that you do your work on a separate baseplate to ensure that everyone’s assets are payed for and never stolen.

that’s all for expectations & workflow!



Here are some skill requirements and guidelines to ensure our game stays consistent.

Most important requirement: A portfolio with your work in it

  • For builders I am expecting no viruses in the builds whatsoever and I expect the build to match our game. That’s basically it! Just please put a decent amount of effort into the build and make sure stud increments are even and there is no apparent z-fighting

  • Builder time requirement - Must have more than 5 months of building experience

  • For modelers I am expecting a video, a portfolio or just general proof of model ownership. I will not be buying vehicles that have been customized via Roblox studio or added on vehicles. They must be from scratch (Or if you had made a previous vehicle and have it I may ask you to change a few things). Additionally I prefer a clean model with no apparent z-fighting and if you know UV mapping (It’s not required but highly appreciated if you do) that’d be great.

  • Modeler time requirement - Must have more than 8 months of modeling experience


We have specified the amount to be paid in each category, however for all categories we will pay taxes if you would like us to. Else we will just pay the baseline price. Additionally We pay per-commission so that we can manage group funding. We will inform you if we run out of funding or if anything happens to it.

Contact Us

You can contact me (CEO) here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Mike&Ike#8366
You must be 13 years or older to apply, you must have a basic understanding of English and you must have a portfolio ready. Please DM me with the position you’d like and we’ll go from there.

Note: Long term positions aren’t set in stone. If you have to leave for any reason please let me know and I will understand (Just let me know in advance so I can find a new developer)


Mcox6 (DCRP CEO)

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