Introducing Talent Hub Open Beta - New Platform to Find & Post Work!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this news for a long time, and it’s a touch surreal that it’s finally happening!

At Roblox, we care a lot about making it as easy as possible for you to find success on the platform. One of the exceptional aspects of this community is how collaborative everyone is, from two friends spending their evenings experimenting on Studio Team Create, to larger studios and teams building out robust development pipelines so they can roll out weekly updates on their front page game.

No matter your background, we realize it can be difficult to find the right person to collaborate with. And that’s only the half of it - once you’ve found someone, you then must trust them enough to share the work you care so much about!

This is why we’ve built the ‘Roblox Talent Hub,’ a platform where any creator can find someone to collaborate with.

What is the Talent Hub?

The opportunities for Talent Hub are endless. If you want to find someone to work with, hire someone to your team, or get connected with a job, Talent Hub is the place to go.

Currently in Open Beta, we’re offering a selection of tools for select creators to start:

  1. Search and filter for open Jobs
  2. Showcase your previous Roblox projects on the Creator Page
  3. Apply for Jobs and chat with the Job Poster within Talent Hub
  4. Mark yourself as ‘Open to Work’ and field Job invitations
  5. Post your Job and manage incoming applicants
  6. Search and filter public Creator Pages and invite creators to apply for your Job

Phased Open Beta Rollout

During this Open Beta, we will be inviting many of our top creators and most engaged developers to the platform. This will be broken up into phases that will slowly open up as we continue to test and collect feedback.

Starting today, a select number of our most active contributors to the dev forums and platform will be able to access the Talent Hub. After about two weeks of testing with that group, we plan to expand access to even more creators - in this phase, everyone with access to the ‘Collaboration’ section of the forums will have access.

To find out if you’re one of the select few in the initial batch, visit the Talent Hub here.

If you cannot access Talent Hub yet, we recommend waiting until after August 15 before trying again. Over time, we will continue to expand until all creators are able to join and collaborate through Talent Hub!

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please report bugs here and any feedback or suggestions you have here.

A lot of work has gone into this from every member of the team I’m lucky to call myself a part of, so I would like to thank them all for their hard work, and we hope that you find some great people to work with on Talent Hub!


Why can’t I access Talent Hub?

  • We have a number of different entry criteria that are slowly relaxing throughout the Open Beta. If you cannot get in yet, please try again in a week or two as we expand invitations. Additionally, if your Roblox account is Restricted, you will not be able to access Talent Hub even if you were invited.

What does it mean to be ‘Verified’ in Talent Hub?

  • You will notice some users have a ‘Verified’ next to their names in Talent Hub. When a user is verified, this is Roblox saying that we reasonably think that this user is a real person and is the person they report themselves to be. This is a signal you can use to help build trust with someone new. You can Verify yourself by verifying your age on your profile.

Why can’t I view content posted by non-verified Creators on Talent Hub?

  • Accounts with a parental PIN who are NOT Verified set cannot view or search for Jobs and Creator Pages posted by users who are also not verified on Talent Hub. This is a mechanism for parents and guardians to allow their children access to a more limited, more secure Talent Hub experience. In the future, we will continue to expand on the functionality available to set various levels of restrictions on Talent Hub - this includes no longer directly using the parental PIN.

What is happening to the Collaboration section on DevForum?

  • The Collaboration section on DevForum has been locked. By the end of March 2022, we will be deleting the category entirely, as Talent Hub will be wholly replacing the entire section.

How can I ensure my safety whilst working with other creators on Talent Hub?

What platforms do you support?

  • Talent Hub Open Beta was built specifically for computers - mobile is not fully supported. We made this cut so that we could get the platform out sooner, and will be officially supporting mobile in the future, so keep your eyes out for an announcement! As such, we recommend using a desktop or laptop when using Talent Hub.

How can I show images in my text?

  • All longer text boxes support limited Markdown, which allow you to format your text, and also include images. Take a look here for what the syntax is to do that.

I’m very excited to see the Talent Hub, but the account PIN rule really bugs me, even though it’s just temporary. Let me explain.

I know that account pin is intended for younger users to make sure they don’t change anything without parental consent, but many developers use account pin, to ensure that if someone cookie logs them somehow, they can’t change passwords or 2FA emails unless they guess the code. Due to the current state of account security on Roblox, it is necessary for all developers to have this extra layer of security.

A better way to keep children safe without affecting older developers who simply want to keep their account safe is letting everyone over 13, regardless if they have account pin or not, view any job and creator page on the Talent Hub. Or just make it an account setting that can be toggled in Roblox settings.

Thank you.


It was good for the 15 minutes it lasted before Roblox decided to remove everyone’s access again. :expressionless:

Time to start making funny posts and actually getting hired instead of having to rely on terrible Discord servers that don’t actually help you and sniff their nose up at reasonably high prices.

Also, please roll back the descision to make it so non-verified creators dont show up to users with a PIN attached to our account, a lot of us use this as an extra line of security against account breaches and it seems a bit counter-productive to have to remove this security to find people.

FInally, I’d also like it if I could attach a GitHub profile to my account. Why Roblox doesn’t have this already has made no sense to me ever since the feature came out in 2019


Amazing to see more useful tools for developers! Is there any criteria for being apart of the batches or is it just a randomly picked?


I’m confused, is it slowly releasing to certain people so they can set up a portfolio or just as a preview thing? I’m saying this because otherwise how can other people hire them if they can’t access to begin with


Finally! I have been waiting for a long time and now it’s finally out. Collaboration on the platform got refreshed and I’m liking it. Removing the Collaboration Category on the DevForum is a good idea as It wasn’t sufficient in my opinion. I wonder how scamming will be handled on the new Talent Hub, though. :thinking:

I don’t think opening the Talent Hub to <13 is a good idea for obvious reasons. Since when is an account PIN only for parents? Does this mean I don’t get access to some content because I have it enabled for security reasons? That really shouldn’t be a determining factor in detecting minors.


Great update! This can change ROBLOX commissions for the better, quality update ROBLOX! This can help every developer with recruitement, collaboration, and commisioning! I believe the more updates the Talent Hub recieves, it can better the Talent Hub and much more. This not only benefits my game projects, but also my friends and mutuals aswell! This will become to future of ROBLOX recurtment. Only concern is, when released, will the Collaboration catagory be deleted?

Other than that, thanks, ROBLOX, on this fantastic update!


This is really great for struggling beginners who can’t find work on the forums and a step-up from the current collaboration category.

On the other hand, what exactly are the qualifications to have access to the site. Would this be read time, topics or posts created, what exactly would the requirements be to meet the expectations to be apart of this beta?

Also regarding the pin, a lot of users, use this to prevent hackers from changing stuff on there account. I recommend making it so that if you’re <13 then you won’t have access, just like how you can’t be <13 on the forums.


It’s so great to see and ACTUALLY PLACE to find people more easily and more accessible for a ton of people that I know of! As a QA tester for couple of games like RB Battles and RoKarts this can definitely help people find like people who are passionate in QA for testing and such. Me as an example can help bring people to help bring their games better and can help people financially and making sure everything is up to standards with commissions and such! I am so excited and going to writing a whole like paragraph about myself about QA and my development skills in showcases and mainly Emote Animation! Once again I am just excited, A BIG DUB FOR DEVS! :laughing: (I wrote before we were able to reply :laughing:)


I can already see a lot of bugs with this website. I’ve been refreshing and sometimes it tells me I am not authorized to access the Talent Hub. Then I reload again, and my Bio is gone. Then I reload again. Not authorized, again. I reload it AGAIN, and now my Experience area is gone.

This is happening with everyone as far as I can tell. I would like to keep my access!

Other than that, this new site is GREAT. The Interest section is awesome for those who just want to do commissions, like me.


Does this mean Talent Hub will be open to <13 as well? As a developer who is very close to being an adult, I am not really interested in collaborating with much younger developers, for both moral, and eventually legal, reasons. If it will be open to <13, will there be a way of filtering by <13/13+?


One issue I’ve noticed, is that when I use Brave’s shields [blocks Trackers + Ads] it makes the site exhibit really weird behavior, When I went to the site and changed my bio and everything it’d start saying I didnt have access, then a minute later I’d have access again, but still, I think the talent hub is going to be great for the developer side of Roblox!


So happy to see a professional place for recruitment. This has been needed for a while and I’m super excited to hop on once I get access. Great work.

Now I do have a question: Will posts need to go through moderation in order to be shown? I ask because it feels like a-lot of posts in #collaboration:recruitment offer unguaranteed percentages or expect a lot of work for little compensation.

Thank you!


This is an amazing opportunity for Developers! Well done Roblox! I’m happy to see a professional place to find developers. Amazing opportunity for well established developers and small new developers.


I’ve always wanted to see this happen ever since I’ve joined this community, and hey ho now it’s here!! Thank you for caring and listening to us, and giving us an even better experience for developers of all sorts of tiers.

I look forward to seeing prestigious amounts of opportunities and success stories sourced throughout this fresh and quite literally attractive talent hub. :heart_eyes:


It is awesome to see it finally be released. It is a shame that the servers are barely keeping up with the demand. A lot of things that I am currently trying to input into my creator page doesn’t save as the servers are being overloaded by demand.


Update: Currently an issue with site load that is causing some creators who have access to see the ‘not authorized’ message, or incorrectly see blank fields where they’ve previously filled something out. We’re working on resolving these issues! No actual data is being lost, in the meantime.


This is a great addition to the toolset that Roblox provides. I do have my concerns on the amount of exclusivity this platform exhibits though. There’s features that’s been announced years ago that’s still not accessible to everyone. A bit disappointed by this. Is Roblox planning some premium program where you have to buy into these features?

Anywho, I can’t wait to see the positive change this addition brings to the community and the dev forums. I myself hope to be able to make use of it once it’s not as exclusive to “top developers”.


How will we know if we are in?

Does this mean that people who are in are still seeing the “not authorized” message? Or did I not understand this.