Did I cook with this settings ui?


Rate my settings ui, ignore the black boxes… unfinished business:

Also, I don’t know why the uistroke cuts off in the audio one, but it must be only in studio



For some reason, on macbook, when you are using 1920x1080 fit to window, it breaks the uistroke.


Want to hear the results? Join this: UserInterface - Roblox

P.S: Ignore the topbar, it hasn’t been updated in a while.


Looks good, I like the style. Maybe add a dark mode too, which makes it grey instead of white.



things I like:

  • layout
  • icons
  • font

things I don’t like:

  • very high contrast with background and title text + topbar, but the text for the volumes is a lot lower contrast.
  • you can’t see the scrollbar

I think it would work better if you merged everything into one big scrolling frame so users only have to scroll one thing.


This settings UI looks good! Nice job on it!

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I have only one problem with this:

THERES NO LINE HERE. You have no idea how much this makes my blood boil, please give us the line!! I beg!!!

If you dont get what I mean, if you look on the sides of that box that contains all the sound options there is well a box all around it except the bottom, there needs to be a line at the bottom pleasseeee

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I don’t think you cooked it, I think you deep fried it.

Well, You did cook but forgot the food:/

Jk its 6/10

borders on the audio menu are quite off

you should add lines that seperate menus from eachother too

overall u rlly cooked

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IT’S ONLY ON THE STUDIO TRUST ME!!! :slight_smile:

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I took some of your advice on the new one. Thanks :smiley:

  • I changed the saturation on the blue
  • put the scrollbar (even though i liked it without a scrollbar,)

all there is left is adding more options

I’m going to add that as a option, good idea.

New animation:


Functioning Sliders:


as someone who has researched accessibility for settings pages, i think u programmed the slider section really well.

my only suggestion is to have a line under the numbers or a slighter greyer background behind them so players know that it can be changed by typing.


I love how simplistic it is, great stuff… anklebandit49 :rofl: Jokes aside, awesome UI for simplistic and easy to access setting changes for players!


I’m def adding greyer background, thanks for the suggestion.

I’m not the only one who thinks this looks a little wonky right?

It’s hard to make it look good

Changed the designs and underlines fit the style i’m going for. I also made some designs on the textbox to make it ‘cleaner’. I feel like this is way better than the first approach.

It’s only underlined for default, when you change you don’t need the underlines to indicate .

added some backend stuff you can’t see.

  • only allows a maximum of 4 characters (0.33, .333)
  • only allows numbers (123, . )
  • 1 < number = 1, 0 > number = 0 ( 100 = 1 / -1 = 0 )
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only thing id change is the placeholder text of integer, as that only includes 0 or 1. you could change it to [0, 1] to represent all numbers between it. (you probably dont want values over 1, imo default should be like 0.5 and the audio should sound normal on your device at that setting)

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I see that there’s a scroll-bar on the top window.

If I didn’t see it, I’d assume that there are only three audio sliders.

Consider hiding half of the third slider.

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Adding text inputs is a good exercise and look nice, but not even once in my life of playing games I wanted to enter volume values in settings or needed more than 10-20 volume points. Better to have a more comfortable slider with snapping for OCD folks.

With barely visible minimal scrollbars most of the users won’t discover that more items exists, especially if nothing peeks from below the fold.

Same color for both checkmark and X icons is not great UX, just gray the disabled icons out. Having checkboxes for both negative (hide chat) and positive (show shadows) actions is not a big deal, but not ideal either.

Just a couple of small feedback points from me, other than that it’s refreshing to see an interface that doesn’t look like like it’s copy pasted from a simulator template.

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