Diferent game and start place owner

I have problem that i am game owner but my friend is place owner so how to set hi will not need to have animations, decals,… in his inventory to use it

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Your question is unclear but I’ll give you my best shot of answering it.

You are able to use anyone’s decals, even if they’re in someone’s inventory. Just go to the decal and copy the asset Id. (the numbers in the URL) and paste it into the texture property in Roblox Studio.

With animations, get your friend to give you the animations and then upload them yourself so they work in your game. Another way would be to develop the game in a group and get your friend to upload them into it. This will give access to games in that group the ability to use the animations.

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realy so why for me it work on my test game (i all own) and not on this specificly owned game my only idea was that it is same as animations

I don’t think you can use other’s animation although you can use anyone’s decal.

and the animation must be in game or place owners inventory
this realy rare onwning of game isnt describe in best way

Or they can be animation created by roblox.

Please be more clear, your responses are unclear.

ok but understand i own game and my frend place so who need to have the animation

You since you are the one owning the game.

yes i own the game…

time to roll out the good answers

YOU need to publish/export the animation to ROBLOX when YOURE the game owner,
YOUR FRIEND needs to publish/export the animation when THEYRE the game owner.

furthermor as previously stated multiple times your answers and question are very unclear

I think the point of confusion for many people is not knowing the difference between places and games - I understand your question perfectly.

There’s no such possibility where a game has different place owners. All places in a game are owned by the game owner. If you do have a game in which someone else’s places are in, that’s a bug.

If the game is in a group, the assets must be uploaded to the group. If the game is on a profile, then the account that owns the game must have the assets uploaded to it, otherwise it can’t be used. Specifically with animation assets, as they have a security feature that disallows anyone but the uploader from using them. Roblox-uploaded animations are also a usage exception.

Not that sure the problem is that we are building in team and friend created the place but i published as my game but friend is still showing as place owner.
Thx for being first who understand my question

So i am asking if there is way to put new asset to my game without need to be in friends inventory

So your friend owns the place but you’re publishing a game to their profile? I’m assuming via a Team Create session? There’s no way to put a game asset or animation in the game and have it work without it being in your friend’s inventory, as the game owner.

And can my friend move the place to my owning

No, place ownership can’t be transferred. If your friend wants to “move” a game or place to your ownership, it will have to be completely reuploaded to your profile manually.

And moving to group is the same


Ok thx…