Difference between .FBX and .OBJ

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This is a question I’ve had for a long time, but I never got around to asking it, but today I was curious to know the difference between .OBJ and .FBX files. Is there any difference between them when exporting from blender to roblox studio?


.obj files export the mesh as one part while .fbx export them as individual parts.

For example, if i were to make a pistol mesh and export it as a .obj, the pistol would be one part when i imported it into studio.

If i exported it as a .fbx, the slide, trigger grip etc. would be separate parts.

.fbx files will always export files as you separate them in the modeling software you use.

You can import both type of files via the asset manager in the “view” tab in roblox studio.

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but selecting this option, the .obj is equal to a .fbx then?

I don’t think so. What in particular are you trying to export?

is that you said that fbx will export the parts of a model separately (such as the parts of a weapon), however, if I click on that option there in the image above, I also export the separate parts, only as .obj

Generally speaking, FBX is far more complex than OBJ - it supports mesh data, color data, vertex painting, animations, lighting, rigs, joints, skinning, cameras, etc. OBJ is much simpler, supporting just 3D objects and their geometry.

For Roblox specifically - if you’re only working with meshes then OBJ should be fine. If you need to import animations, rigs, vertex paint, etc, then you would need to use FBX.

AFAIK this happens because Blender also exports hierarchies with FBX, so unchecking ‘Import file as single mesh’ in the Asset Manager will divide everything into separate objects as they were in Blender.

I don’t believe there’s much benefit to doing this aside from improving workflow by not having to manually export several objects (such as with OBJ’s Selection Only, cc @GrandShua123) and import them all individually.


Where do I find this “Import file as single mesh” option?


See the Asset Manager in Roblox Studio (View > Asset Manager).

When importing a mesh:


Keep in mind dividing everything into separate objects will not work with OBJ because only FBX will retain your hierarchy.

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I checked this option, but even so it keeps coming as a single object (in blender there are several separate objects) Im using FBX

My information above is outdated. Apologies:

You can separate OBJ meshes in Studio if you disable ‘Objects as OBJ Objects’ and enable ‘Objects as OBJ Groups’ while exporting from Blender - see below.


As I don’t have a definite answer to your question I can only suggest you try exporting the model as .obj instead using the settings above.

there is a way for me to export all the separate parts of my object with a single file, just using that option in roblox that you showed me. But could you tell me how I make the pieces all stay in their proper positions in roblox studio?

In the Asset Manager select your meshes, right click, and click Insert With Location.