Direct replies in Announcements in another category

Currently, it’s too hard to find meaningful replies in #updates:announcements. Most of them are spam and do not contribute to the the topic itself. Some of those replies are even made by Regulars.

My idea is to create a new category in #updates (I was inspired by one of the replies @sjr04 made). A new topic would be created when there’d be a new announcement.

I personally believe this will discourage the majority of spammers posting just so they can farm likes. This should also highlight meaningful questions and the replies made by Roblox staff. I believe that badges should not be awarded in that category, as well.

This will also make it easier for replies made by staff in the original topic be highlighted.

Finally, since the forum’s vision is to make it as much accessible as possible, this will be the perfect solution without having the abilities of TL1 users limited.


How this solution beat just flagging posts which violate the rules?
If these replies are spam, they should be flagged and DET should remove it.

What about clutter of these posts produce?

Likely because of what buildthomas said.

It doesn’t make sense to me though

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I might have misinterpreted the post but this is what buildthomas has stated:

This basically means they ignore the flags most of the time.

Even though I didn’t think that when I created the topic, the category could be muted by default and there’d be a link to the reply thread in the original topic.

Okay @DMCPEPlays @sjr04,

So DET aren’t interested in moderating those posts, so basically sweep it under the rug in another location? Sure it reduces traffic but that doesn’t seem like the right solution.

You should be pushing for those kinds of post to be moderated either via enforcing existing rules or by creating new rules, just sweeping into another location doesn’t make sense.

People won’t stop doing these kinds of things unless there is an actual reason to stop, sweeping it under a rug is not that solution for me.


I don’t believe buildthomas can speak on behalf of DET as Sages aren’t moderators, but I’d just say to flag these posts and move on. It’s their job to moderate, whether or not they decide to look at these posts is not our issue.

Apparently my post was hard to parse or something considering people need to back-and-forth about it several times.

Long version is that I’ve pushed for these posts to be moderated before but it was shut down, so from my perspective they want to keep these posts because they allow users of any skill level to engage with announcements. So they are not interested in moderating against them.


The clarification is appreciated, thank you :+1: