Disable AFK Autokick

One of my games is intended to be an idle game where you have characters fight monsters for you. These monsters drop things such as gold, equippable items, etc. which you can pick up and progress through the game.

Now I know it’s possible to detect when a player leaves a game, and calculate the amount of time they were gone when they rejoin and reward based on that. I can’t do that in my game without doing complex calculations, because players using different character combinations + fighting different monsters will obviously net different results.

The solution that my playerbase has found is to download an autoclicker and use that while AFK on my game, but I’d prefer if people didn’t have to download a 3rd party program to play my game optimally.

Idle games are really popular nowadays. With Premium payouts and an option to disable AFK kicking, this could become a new popular Roblox game genre.


I feel like AFK Autokick exists for a good reason. It’s there to prevent players from clogging up servers when they’re not actually there. It saves resources for people who are actually there to play the game.

Instead, I feel like it would make more sense to design your game differently - so that users wouldn’t go AFK/autoclicking. Perhaps give them more things to do while their monsters fight for them.

This feature would make things more expensive for Roblox, increase the burden on servers, be extremely abusable, and would encourage idle games (which isn’t a bad thing per se, but it would create a positive feedback loop which yields more of all the problems I just mentioned).


Out of curiousity, how do you bypass the AFK kick measure? Do you use TeleportService? :slightly_smiling_face:

TeleportService is the only way i’ve managed to bypass the kick. In my game I save the player’s position when they leave which is perfect for an auto reconnect system.


Just because there are a lot of people doing it doesn’t mean it should be encouraged
Lots of people like to troll in games. Does that mean it should be encouraged?

I find that the AFK auto-disconnect already has bypasses you can use on the client by simply using an auto-clicker. Doesn’t matter where you click as long as the cursor is on the Roblox window.

This does make it possible to disable the AFK auto-disconnect so trollers can use that to their advantage. It doesn’t even require altering the client at all.

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