Disable Camera Toggle?

Hi there!

I’m working on a game currently and I’m looking for a way to disable camera toggle through the script.

The problem is that if there is a GUI at the center of the screen, you can’t exit camera toggle.

Is there a way to disable this like shift lock? Thank you!


Do you mean like disable 1st person? Just need to know


I’m trying to disable the right click camera toggle that locks your view to your cursor, not first person. This is what happens on my GUIs.

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try changing the players camera mode to classic
edit: From a script


The camera mode is already in classic and the issue still persists.

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are there any scripts that effect the camera?

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No lol, this is a roblox feature that I’m looking to disable.

It would be one thing if roblox documented it more before releasing it, because while its a cool feature it is unnecessary in my game.

I’d imagine it would be a DisableCore type thing, but that’s why I’m asking.

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oh do you mean disabling shift lock or players being able to change camera mode?

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Are you looking to freeze the camera in place and not allow holding right click to change it, or are you looking to lock the mouse or something? Need a little more details, sorry.

If you go into studio and play, you can right click to lock the camera to cursor instead of right click to drag. I don’t want to lock the mouse, all i need to do is disable the new Camera Toggle feature.

I don’t get what you mean, and I haven’t heard of any ‘camera toggle’ feature. Are you talking about shift lock?

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Gave it a try and this actually solved the issue, thank you!

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