Introducing Camera Toggle

Here at Roblox we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the player experience across all platforms and devices.

As part of this effort, we’ve implemented a brand new camera mode to help with camera control on laptops and desktops. Meet Camera Toggle.


  • Tap RMB to switch into toggle mode.
  • Tap RMB again to switch out of toggle mode.

Toggle mode puts the cursor above your head and locks it. This works in first and third person.

Advantage: You don’t have to be holding down a mouse button to move the camera.

This is especially useful when you’re on an older trackpad without gesture support – you can move the camera with a swipe of one finger.

Camera Toggle is a selectable option in the in-game menu.

Right now, we’re asking you to try it out and give us your feedback. This is a major change to how controls work on Roblox, so we want to make sure this is compatible with a wide variety of gameplay styles and use cases. In that pursuit, the more criticism the better.

You can test it out by going into a game with unforked camera scripts and selecting “CameraToggle” under Camera Mode:

Let us know what you think.


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I do like that this feature is being implemented! I don’t always have the room on my desk or on the surface I’m working with to use a mouse.

Will there be an option to change the hotkey (or to support multiple hotkeys invoking the camera toggle?)

On the topic of camera updates, will there ever be a reintroduction of the camera rotation buttons, > and <.
They used to rotate your camera about 15 degrees in a given direction depending on which key you pressed but that was removed!

“Removed Comma, Period, PageUp, and PageDown camera pan shortcuts.”

I greatly valued that on the times I wanted to quickly rotate my camera without trying to pan on a track pad.


First off, really glad that this is a new mode and not something that’s turned on by default, and I hope it continues to be - it would mess with pretty much any game relying on MouseButton2 for input.

Second, I like it! Considering I’m basically holding right click to orbit the camera half the time I’m playing, it’s pretty useful.

Finally, a small visual bug: if you change the camera mode while camera control is enabled, the cursor doesn’t change back to the default arrow. The cursor can be fixed by changing the camera mode back to CameraToggle, turning off control, and then changing the camera mode again.


I like this new camera mode, I think it can be very useful when you are on a laptop without mouse. However, I don’t think that I will use this camera mode when I do have a mouse.

Also I do not think that this camera mode can replace the current default mode (Classic).


Whats the difference between shift lock and this?


this is… surprisingly nice! I will say however that it bugs me that the camera ignores right mouse clicks on ClickDetectors


I have been testing this new feature, and being honest I loved it. Since it is no longer necessary to be holding the button if you want to see your surroundings. Although it will take me a bit to get used to, but…

Also, I found some bugs :slight_smile:
When I leave the game with CameraToggle mode, and re-enter, the menu appears to me as if I were using the default camera, but pressing the right mouse button activates this feature.
When you activate ShiftLock, the icon that used to appear in the middle of the screen is not shown when this other feature is activated.


This is a pretty nice update which will improve my and (hopefully) other people’s expirience when playing games. For me (at least) holding down the mouse was becoming annoying and sometimes painful.


This is a good update in terms of efficiency in controlling your player, but I see a few areas where error may occur. RMB is used in a few games for mandatory functions, and I think it may be annoying to use those functions for players who decide to use this new feature.


Shift lock moves your charactar position when you move your mouse, CameraToggle doesn’t.


the message at the top is under the game’s gui, im not sure if it is supposed to be like this, but i cant read the message because it is under other gui


This feature really helps with the the other gesture update. I can look where I want without having to walk in that direction. I still do think that there should be an option for gestures since I use a mouse on my desktop computer that detects gestures, and so whenever I want to scroll in and out, it just moves my view. It is very stressful playing games and I’m sure some other laptop users still want the old way. So please, make it an option. All camera features that are added should immediately have an option to toggle them.


On the default camera settings, you’re able to use your middle mouse button to move the camera around just like right-clicking, however when you enable this option the middle mouse button won’t let you do that as it does nothing.

I’m thinking, how about a way to combine the original camera movement option with the new camera toggle by incorporating it with the middle mouse button? If you click and drag your middle mouse button, it functions like regular camera movement but you still get to keep the toggle if you right click.


Building off of what I said earlier:

Is it possible that the developer will have the choice to disable this feature, much like with shift lock?


I’ve made a feature request involving the new placement of the UI that appears on the top of the screen. It would be much appreciated to move it to an already-existing notification feature that is currently used for friend requests etc.


That interface is beautiful. Seriously, the animations are a nice touch.


Wow, this is downright awesome! The state where CameraToggle is off used to get quite annoying since you can’t see the space in front of your character. But, the Roblox Gods have bestowed a gift :gift: upon us once again!

I just have one thing to say though: the right-click method is a quick and easy way to toggle CameraToggle, but because right-click is quite a common mouse event, wouldn’t this new mode conflict with preexisting right-click mechanisms in games? For example, if a developer allowed their players to right-click to activate a special effect, this would mean that the CameraToggle would also activate.

Nonetheless, this is a great update!
Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


This camera mode is pretty nice, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be used with click to move or shift lock.