Disable DisplayName script

Disable Display Names - Roblox

Real simple script, it changes users display names to their usernames. I read somewhere that games are kicking users with custom display names and I think that’s pretty bad, which prompted me to make this.

Sadly the script cannot change the property Player.DisplayName (roblox.com) - which for some reason is restricted to level 4 security context - but includes a protected call in case the powers that be decide to unlock it. It also includes an option to disable the PlayerList in case anyone is worried about crass display names showing up on there as well.

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Some people probably did not update their game for DisplayName because DisplayName was previously exploited so they are likely still kicking people for having a DisplayName that is not their own Username.

That makes sense. Being the Roblox devil’s advocate - IMO kicking a user should be a last-resort solution when no other work-around is available even if the player is an exploiter.

This seems AMAZING. I’ve actually been threatened to be banned from games over my display name.