Disable player name coregui in top right corner

It is currently impossible to disable the player name in the top right corner without resorting to very ugly hacks, as seen here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/coregui-can-i-move-the-playername-slightly/74971/3

(Disabling the topbar altogether gets rid of other features devs like, such as chat.)


It’s possible to disable other coreguis like backpack easily:


So an addition like this would make it easy for any dev to utilize the top right corner:



Don’t mean to detract from your suggestion, but just a note: You can actually enable the chat with the TopBar disabled by modifying the “ChatSettings” module in Chat service: module.ChatOnWithTopBarOff = true.

The backpack still won’t work without the top bar, though.

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ChatOnWithTopBarOff is glitchy: it doesn’t keep the button for pc, or buttons for mobile. Using thegamer101’s workaround to re-add the button is also glitchy and has unexpected behaviour with fading out the chat / keeping it active. Yet another Very Ugly Hack like the one in the original post. Still sticking to the original post’s suggestion ):

This probably can’t happen because it would be hiding the Account 13+ (or <13) display

When the name is hidden (e.g. when topbar is disabled), it gets shifted to the right of the menu button.