Disabling shift lock

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    I want to get the shift lock to get turned off and turned on a bit later.
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    There are no issues I have no idea how to do that.
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    Yes, I did. But all the solutions worked only after resetting.
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Click StarterPlayer
go to its Properties

go to Controls
uncheck EnableMouseLockOption


Player object has a property named DevEnableMouseLock, determines whether the specific player is allowed to use ShiftLock. Player.DevEnableMouseLock

No, You guys didn’t understand. I want to disable it while playing a game not default. (With a script)
@iiSkyWarrior805 @Qinrir

then just use a script to disable it

local function Shiftlock(Enabled:boolean,Player:Player)
	Player.DevEnableMouseLock = Enabled

	Shiftlock(false,plr) -- false means it will be disabled true means it will be enabled
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i really dont know why I used a function but eh

Have you looked into UserGameSettings ? Its the settings based on the esc menu.

This affects while they are playing, so you can directly change their settings by this method, using a LocalScript.

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You didn’t get what I needed. I want to disable shiftlock While playing the game and then re enabling it.

DUDE cant you script? huh? just enable it again! how hard is it? its not CSS or C#

I did and it didn’t work. It disabled the shift lock After I reset.

yea cause thats not possible you cant just disable shiftlock midgame unless you make your own shiftlock or use a custom one idk

You can some games figured it out.

cause they use custom shiftlocks!

Maybe stop the shiftlock rotating the player?

Nope, they don’t I will tell you an example. YBA

By the way, what I sent before was not the default from StarterPlayer. It is a property of Player that determines whether the player is allowed to use ShiftLock without needing to reset. Have you tried this yet?

for i, v in pairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do
    v.DevEnableMouseLock = false

Sure, will try that right now. Thanks.

pretty sure that wont work (cause of errors) i encountered one

See but the problem is it disabled shift lock but my mouse was stuck in the middle and my character was still rotating while moving my mouse.