Disabling shift lock

mate just make a custom shiftlock YBA used a replica of the original shiftlock OR i think it may be possible
let me see ill tell you soon

I have no idea how to do that.

same let me see if i can disable it mid game lol

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I tried a way and it broke my roblox studio, I removed the code but it is still broken. How is this possible?
robloxapp-20220506-1655439.wmv (1.5 MB)

welp couldnt figure it out guess someone else would come and help

Game > StarterPlayer > EnableMouseLockOption

put the script in ServerScriptService

local CanShiftLock = false

local function Check()
	if CanShiftLock == true then
		game.StarterPlayer.EnableMouseLockOption = true
		game.StarterPlayer.EnableMouseLockOption = false

Can you please read the replies?

oh the problem is you need to re-open studio because sometimes the camera follows the player on roblox studio, it happened to me too

No, I already fixed that problem. I’m talking about disabling shift lock While playing. No need to reset, or anything. Just disable shift lock and all of its functionalities.

ye this would work, You can just customize it like this

-- Can shiftlock
CanShiftLock = true

-- Cant shiftlock
CanShiftLock = false

Okay, I will try that right now! (Didn’t try before because I thought I already used the code you sent.)

Nope, That didn’t work aswell.

the script must be a local script and on workspace

wait nvm i forgot to change the post

It is a local script but still it doesn’t work.

I don’t think that’s possible, creating your own custom shiftlock is possible.

It is. A game like yba managed to pull it off. (Without custom shift lock)

Are you sure that they are not using a custom shift lock? Because any one can re-create the roblox shift lock.

If yes they did it really well. But I don’t know how to make a custom shift lock.

Using user input service check if the player pressed the shift key, if so then change the camera’s offset.